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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    MH370 Wreckage in search zone ?


    [Addendum: lat: -43.252691, lon 94.892707 ]


    Is this debris or possibly wreckage ? This vicinity is extremely turbulent, with whitecaps breaking in irregular patterns and intervals in surround tiles. But this one really caught my eye.


    First, let me add that I have presently looked at over 33,500 of Tomnob's map tiles. Having gone whitewater canoeing on many New England rivers during the Spring of some 6 years, I became intimately acquainted with waves and how objects move across, over and through them. (And occasionally underneath them!) The view presented by waves from a canoe being paddled in steeply pitched Class II to Class III whitewater rivers is much different from that seen from air or from the shoreline.


    I am of the opinion I am seeing a object, or more likely two objects loosely connected. These are not clouds and they are not breaking waves. One can see plenty of examples of those in nearby tiles. I believe the areas marked represent a slightly submerged surface some 10 x 60 meters, that is riding "high" in the water. It is of rigid nature as the water at the surface is flowing "downhill" at three equally spaced intervals. The surrounding seas are anything BUT equally spaced. Only a rigid object would produce this type of "uniform" surface turbulence across 50-60 meters of ocean in these heavy seas.


    The other "object" which must be attached in some way, is riding lower in the water, and a distinct angle to the "wing" shaped portion in the foreground. The disturbance in the water caused by this other object is less uniform and less dramatic. Which suggests this portion is slightly more submerged. or possibly heavier, causing the "wing" shape to ride higher.


    I am unaware of my having any pretense of influence with search officials, or with the media. So if you do in some way, kindly bring this to their attention. Having looked at over 33000 satellite image tiles, I believe this is the most unusual "wave" interaction I have personally seen so far.


    I am not a stakeholder. This is not a contest with a "winner", certainly not for the families or the survivors. So CNN or someone, please pass this on for consideration by search officials I cannot hope to reach.

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