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    In Memoriam

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    In Memory of Tata Madiba


    In Memory of Tata Madiba


    A father of the nation; today I mourn Tata Nelson
    An African and world Leader; 5 December 2013 I mourn
    A visionary and warm hearted great man; Tata Mandela I mourn
    A Legend of humanity and peace; Tata Madiba I mourn
    An adviser and liberated prisoner
    He sort no vengeance


    His call for the spear of the nation echoes
    Jailed and tortured for his love for peace
    Toiled and pain of equality
    Talk of the Rivonia Trial and see his unbroken courage
    If death was the option he promised to take it
    I drowned in tears when he lost freedom for life
    His number 46664 in cell number 5, (8x7ft), iron barred
    If pain would come like rain then his was a hurricane
    I celebrate your life and miss you Tata Madiba


    He took the book to be weapon of war
    Tata Mlangeni, a strategist and faithful comrade next door
    Mama Madikizela-Mandela a comrade in arms
    Tata Kathrada, a visionary and faithful comrade next door
    Tata Nelson Mandela, a leader, a soldier, a father and peacemaker
    Tata Mbeki, a strategist and comrade next door
    Tata Sisulu, a seasoned planner and comrade next door
    Tata Mhlaba, determined soldier, exiled and comrade next door
    The sorrow of our struggle; soar but Madiba never gave up!
    I celebrate your life and rest in peace Tata Madiba


    Never, Never, and never again...
    In to his eyes was timed panoramic victory
    In his mind the equality for all and right to live; none negotiable
    Giving up; his least preferred option
    ...Nelson you could have sold out your faith, but you chose not
    ...Rolihlahla you could have revolted in prison, but you chose the book
    ...dear father Madiba you could have denied charges, but chose to be guilty
    ...you could have revenged I saw you gain power in 1990, but you chose peace
    You are the father of the nation and you chose no punishment but peace
    I celebrate you life and recall you words Tata Madiba Rest in Peace


    “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” – Nelson Mandela


    By Victor Macklenin (12pm. Saturday 14, December 2013; Mourning Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela)

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