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    Posted March 28, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

    Taiwan Democracy in Peril! Peaceful Protest Ended in Police Brutality


    Police officers strategically evacuated the media before they lynched the student protesters.


    Yesterday(2014.03.27), head of police force in Taiwan faced questions when a group of students were protesting in Executive Yuan (Executive Department). Officers blockaded and quarantined the area before they forced out all press personnel and then did the unthinkable. The unarmed non-hostile protesting students faced brutal violence by the police officers highly equipped and trained. Subtitles are in process.


    A week long protest ended in bloodshed as student protesters found themselves surrounded by shielded and armed police force. Greatly outnumbered and outgunned, facing disparity, young men and women were quarantined and then they were walloped.


    The protest started a week ago when the public found out about an agreement of trade and service between the Taiwan and Chinese government.


    "Defend democracy, reject the trade agreement." was their slogan.


    Surrounded by controversy, the agreement have not gone under any review or survey by the Legislators and is going to be in affect by July, 2014.


    Ignoring their demands, President Ma stated that the trade agreement helps economical growth in a recent press conference. The protest went unanswered.


    Protesters, mostly students, splitted up into two groups, one into the House of Legislation and one into the Executive Yuan. The Head of Police ordered his men to force all students out of the Executive Yuan at all cost. Having the area quarantined, ignoring the freedom of press, which is protected by the Taiwan Constitution, the officers forced out all press personnel before they surrounded and attacked the student protesters, fearing that the media would show the footage of them practicing illegal police brutality.


    "Is it a standard operating procedure that you force out press personnel?" Legislator questioned.


    "Freedom of press!" Protesters proclaimed, fearing that their only hope of protection has gone out the gate with eyes of the reporters and cameras, more importantly, the public.


    “I didn't think they would cooperate. They are violent protesters." Said the head of police.


    They were carried out and hospitalized after the beating. The young men and women had no chance of escape before they met their fate. For more footages of police brutality related to this incident, please check the comment section below.


    note: The Executive Yuan is the executive branch of the Government of Taiwan.

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    footage of the incident in Executive Yuan with English captions:

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