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    Posted March 27, 2014 by
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    My job is Air Traffic Controller, I could say that all ATCs around the world have been shocked for the loss of MH370 and they might be more worried than the passengers' families themselves.
    Many theories have been discussed to discover the truth of what really led the MH370 to deviate from its known route after disappearing from radar; starting from hijacking and ending with pilot suicide. Whatever; we have some known facts about MH370:
    1- Stopping the transponder
    2- No communication
    3- Passengers cell
    4- Deviating from the route
    5- Altitude variation
    6- Pings
    7- Satellite images
    Those facts led me to a new simple theory which has not been discussed before. The question is why and what happened to the MH370 to go in a mysterious actions, the answer lays behind a simple theory not as complicated as media says. Back to 2005, a Helios Airways Flight 522, a Boeing 737 flying from Larnaca to Athens. A pressurization loss was so severe that it knocked passengers and crew out for almost two hours. In this case, the pilots should have been able to react quickly and connect to oxygen masks, but didn’t. The aircraft flew for almost two more hours until it ran out of fuel and crashed. Back to MH370 what really happened is something a like; the mystery of the MH370 is caused by cracked windshield!!. That’s explains all the mysteries of the flight, you ask me "how", I'll answer, here is the story: it happened exactly after the Malaysian Controller released the aircraft to the adjacent unit, the last pilot's words were "alright, good night" and then the flight turned into a chronological mass. After last pilots' words and on a level of 350, the windshield of the cockpit was partially cracked. The first step should be done by the pilot is to descend and to direct the plane to the nearest airport which it has been really done. The records show that the aircraft descended to 12000 ft. pilots were struggling against time, wind and loss of pressure, they tried to push the transponder to set the emergency code but time defeated them and the transponder last push was at the off state. Reports that I have read show that there was a distortion on the frequency, this might be by our flight, although that I do not –somehow agree- because the situation prevents doing this. Pilots might have done a heroic role to save their lives and the passengers, after this big mass, pilots might be unconscious - which is weak point of view-, or the windshield might totally broken and the pilots were thrown out of the cockpit to let the autopilot do the job instead. MH370 was on the last pilots set of heading and it flaw about 5 hours later as a ghost flight. For 3 hours later of the loss, Victims' families claimed that they were able to call their beloveds on the plane with no answer, and I do believe that; after the loss of pressure passengers were either dead or unconscious but their phones still alive until the flight was out of coverage.
    Pings show the last possible location for the aircraft where it might be and later satellites show the possible debris to the south of the Indian Ocean. We as humans wont believe that a tragedy end could happen to the MH370 and we would rather hang on hope.
    Finally I would like to say that pilots were really heroes and their Islamic background which forbidden suicide prevent them from doing crazy things – as one of the pilots' father said :"he was a good Muslim"…. Anyway I would like to stay hopping that the MH370 has landed safely somewhere.
    by Mohammad Bani Mofarrij/ Air Traffic Controller- Jordan
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