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    Posted March 27, 2014 by
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    2 days old possible WRECKAGE

    Just tagging weird looking objects going through new images from Tomnod. 2 days old. I dont want to give up searching because you never know what you can come on to. I really wish we knew the real truth, but "normal" people like us will never really know if this was some sort of cover up and whos really to blame and what happened to the plane.. Sometimes after looking through over 7000 maps i feel like what if the plane didnt even crash in the ocean? But then what if it didnt? Its just weird how they saying now they discovered 122 objects floating in the ocean and they finally think they from the plane.. its been like 3 weeks now, would there be really 122 objects floating all together after 3 weeks in the ocean and storms.. and why only now after 3 weeks? Some people gave reports before about floating luggages, if that was the case why didnt they opened the luggages and tried to look for some sort of identification or proof that they belonged to the mh370 passengers? Im so afraid the "government" will "find" the debris of the plane just so they can close this mystery and forget about it. I wish there was a really gifted "psyhic" or someone who could actually connect with some of these people from plane and tell us what they saw.. Even if they would say things that didnt happen, would be interesting to know.. I mean everyone else have their stories and ideas of what happened.. The pilot is at fault, then hes not, plane is hijacked and is going to crash in one of the major cities packed with nuclear weapons, aliens took it.. everyone want to speculate.. only its not so fun for the families and friends being treated like idiots and thrown around here and there and everywhere.. i really honestly do not believe no one has absolutely no clue at all..like 0 clues, 0 ideas.. what makes me scared is the fact that when everyone is acting like fools it makes me feel they really have something to hide.. i feel so sorry for the families...god be with you and help you stay strong.. even no money can ever replace the pain in their hearts they should be entitled for some really high compensations.. this is ridicilous.. i pray we finally get some answers.. and that they would be true, not speculated.. until then i will keep searching, even if theres nothing to find.. i just wish i could help those families.. i can feel the pain those people go through, so many lives are lost and so many peoples lives are changed forever..
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