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    Posted March 28, 2014 by
    Miami, Florida
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    The Coverup

    Malaysia is not a country that I automatically think of when considering vacation spots. I don't remember the last time Malaysia was in the news prior to flight 370. I would not know the Prime Minister of Malaysia or the Minister of Defense, who is also the acting Minister of Transportation, from Adam's housecat. Yet since the disappearance of Flight 370 the image of the Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister of Malaysia have become imbedded in my brain. I find these two people to be unsympathetic to the families of flight 370. I find them to be narcissistic, uncooperative, arrogant, conceited, cowardly, and people who think they are above everyone and neither of them has shown an ounce of respect for anyone. These two men seem to think they can do anything without consequences, even blow up a airplane. The pilot supported a opposition leader who recently went to jail on apparent trumped up charges. The Minister of Defense appears to be one who loves the lime light and being in front of the cameras. Putting everything together there is a case to be made for someone in the government of Malaysia, namely the Minister of Defense, being responsible for planting a bomb big enough to cause total destruction of the airplane. The Minister of Defense's motivation for blowing up the plane is:
    1. He wanted the attention of the world to be on Malaysia and to be in the news. Just like a small child the Minister was jealous of the attention other countries were getting and wanted the attention on Malaysia. This is why North Korea test their rockets so often. They want attention.
    2. The Minister of Defense wanted attention for himself, perhaps wanting to be the male version of Sarah Palin.
    3. If the pilot is dead he can no longer cause any problems for the government.
    4. Perhaps the pilot knows more about he Minister than the Minister would like him to know.
    5. The Minister and the Prime Minister are controlling the investigation and there will be nothing that leads the investigators back to either of them.
    6. These two men have no compassion for the victims or compassion for the families and friends of the victims.
    7. The Minister of Defense knows he can blame the pilot and many people will believe him.
    I hope one of these investigators has the guts to investigate the possibility of a cover up by the government of Malaysia.
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