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    The Brain does not CREATE Consciousness- An Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander revealing sciences new views the Soul

    Harvard Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander Interview
    The Brain Does NOT create Consciousness

    To listen to the interview go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JqaWjf0nnk

    In a recent interview on Waking Times aired on The People’s Voice, Dr. Eben Alexander, Harvard Neurosurgeon presents compelling scientific research in the field of consciousness that examines the unfolding reality that the brain does Not create consciousness. Misleading concepts that focus on reductive materialism have kept us in the dark about the true nature of the human soul and its integral part in our evolution as spiritual beings.

    “The old paradigm of birth to death represents an outdated concept that is woefully inadequate in defining the unfolding reality of expanded awareness,” he stated in a recent interview for The People’s Voice on Waking Times. ”Materialist science is at the end of its days as most scientists are changing their views. The old concepts are soon to be relegated to the same dust bin as ‘the earth is flat’ as we develop a more mature understanding and transcend old beliefs.”

    Supported by world-wide research that is now delving into the concepts of string theory that involves a complete reworking of our outdated and limited views of space/time means we are now entering a phase where science will greatly expand its boundaries. The foundation of the research begins with the clear understanding of the “Soul” or conscious spirit that exists outside of the body and is eternal.

    “Consciousness is at the core to unfolding all of reality”, states Alexander.

    The brain operates the body based on input from the personality, but the higher intelligence or subconscious is the mechanism that controls the body, and that is the soul that we have yet to acknowledge or even begin to understand. That is the free will component and exists long after the body stops. Near death, paranormal, mysticism, past life memories, akashic records are now a common thread that drives home the conclusion that there exists a soul within the human body that transcends the human experience. As we acknowledge the essence of our soul, we let go of the limitations of the illusional earth based mentality and reach out to the greater cosmos of life. Many additional realms exist beyond the earth and in other dimensions of time/space. As spiritual beings, we easily access these places.

    Edgar Cayce the father of holistic medicine pioneered the concept in modern times that we are indeed “spiritual beings having a human experience”, but this is only a reemergence of what our ancestors already knew.
    This time on earth will be one where we all transcend the false boundaries that convince us that we are separate entities and develop the understanding of the oneness that we all share meaning that we don’t have to be either scientific or spiritual. Merging science and spirituality creates the new foundation for our peaceful coexistence in the greater cosmos.
    Read Deborah West’s columns at The New Era Times for her personal views.
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    For more about Dr. Eben Alexander: http://www.eternea.org/
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