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    Society's Biggest Mistake

    Kids these days live in a somewhat ironic world which expects them to behave like adults but treats them as unimportant, meddling creatures of society. Ever since possibly middle school to my junior year in high school, the adults all around me treated me in a manner that reinforced my realization that this world contains a hierarchy based on age. Being the ever motivated Asian student in an average Texan environment, I had decided my career and future plans at a very early age: possibly 11 or 12 years. Biological Inquiry was my passion: the context in which my thoughts ran was based solely on the biological processes of the world. As early as my freshman year of high school, I had a full scale research project planned out in my head which could potentially help in the field of DNA Sequencing. I had thought my research through so thoroughly that I even knew what biotechnological equipment I was going to use to accomplish what I was going to set out for. Just when I got my hopes up and dreamt of myself studying away in a laboratory in the next few months, I hit my first roadblock. The scientists and professors that I emailed to request an opportunity for research straight up refused to reply to my emails after noticing my age. Not only did they not offer me an opportunity, they refused to even acknowledge my interests. The type of motivation that I had expressed for scientific research should honestly have been encouraged and pursued. However, simply due to the relatively short amount of time that had elapsed after my birth, I was ignored. These are the types of issues that plague American society today. if young children's dreams and interests are not nourished, then the future labor force of America will lack the motivation necessary to further the progress of the nation and the world as a whole. My childhood experiences actually ended up slightly discouraging me from pursuing anything at all. I even felt a feeling of worthlessness until people finally began to find that I took my dreams seriously. I even ended up furthering my research idea from 7th grade and completing a foreign project in India with the same concept. At the age of 15, I had discovered a scientific aspect that no one previously knew in the world. If I had been encouraged at the age of 11 or 12, you can imagine the extent to which I would have gone. My only plea to adults in society is "DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN LIGHTLY" Some kids will blow your mind with the intelligence and creativity that they can demonstrate. Especially in the land of opportunity known as the United States of America, everyone, regardless of their age should be able to realize their aspirations. Thumbs up If you agree!
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