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    Posted March 29, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

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    Fickle Slogan and Closed Mind, What Do They Want?


    Since the first day of the Sun Flower Student Movement, the purpose of the movement has been continually changing. The disputes centers around CSSAT (Corss-Strait Service Trade Agreement). As the government agreed to their original request, the purpose of the student movement changed, and more requests were added.

    The students have retracted from a debate with President Ma, and rejected communication with the government several times. They claimed that any communication is futile unless the pre-conditions they set are satisfied.


    3/18, the first day when students led by Lin Fei-Fan stormed the Legislative Yuan, their request was “to have CSSAT discussed and votedline by line, to refuse black-box passing of the pact”. A poster was hung in the Legislative Yuan requesting for discussion and voting of CSSAT line by line in Legislative Yuan.

    3/21, Students’ Representative Chen Wei-Ting mentioned that the purpose was actually to return the CSSAT and not sign it.

    Chen, “What we meant by return, meant the Ma administration to tell Mainland China officially, that we are not signing it with them now

    3/22, Minister of Executive Yuan (Jiang Yi-huah) went to visit the students in an attempt to communicate with them. The student rebuffed Jiang’s attempt to discuss on the subject after Jian replied that he could not accept their pre-conditions. The students repeatedly interrupted Jiang when he tried to communicate. The student expected Jiang to only say “Yes” or “No” and refuse to listen to his views. Discussion could not continue, and the Student Representative Lin-Fei Fan asked Jian to return. No consent was reached


    3/23, President Ma gave a speech, agreeing to have the CSSAT discussed and voted in Legislative Yuan line by line. During the speech, Chen Wei-Ting and the students in the Legislative Yuan removed the poster requesting line by line discussion and voting of CSSAT. After the speech, they complained that the President is insincere and didn’t know what they want.

    The request went from line by “rejecting black-box” to “rejecting CSSAT”.

    3/25, President Ma invited the Student Representatives to discuss the subject publicly without any pre-condition in the Office of the President. Lin Fei-Fan and Chen Wei-Ting accepted the invitation. Later, they retracted and request the passage of “Cross-Strait Treaties Monitoring Act” before any public debate.

    3/27, Students’ Representatives announced that they are willing to communicate, but the time and location is wrong. They want the discussion to be held on Ketagalan Boulevard, and that they would not communicate when there is no common agreement. They claim that they reject brain washing.


    3/27, KMT Legislator, Lin Yu-Fang, criticized the students that if they are afraid of debate, they should get out of the Legislative Yuan. He said he was willing to take Ma’s place in holding a TV debate with the students.

    3/29, Three University Principals entered the Legislative Yuan, advising the students to build a communication platform with the government. Communication platform would have 5 representatives recommended by the principals and the students, reaching consents before they discuss how to solve the dilemma. The students refused to build such a communication platform.


    The rejection of communication has extended the occupation in Legislative Yuan, and there seems to be no way to persuade these students to debate with the government before they force the government to swallow all their requests.


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    In Chinese: 太陽花學運,服貿爭議: 學生拒絕長官接見對話

    (Sun Flower Student Movement, Disputes Surrounding CSSTA, Students Reject to Meet or Communicate with Government)

    English Translation of the Above Site: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By6uA_oH_sqTSEJ2Ri12RnliUUE/edit?usp=sharing

    News: 逐條審查變退回服貿 學生訴求有變? (Discussing and Voting of CSSTA line by line changed to Return of CSSTA A Change in Students’ Request?)

    (Translated version in google doc file)


    News: 「寵壞的小孩」林郁方嗆學生:不敢辯論就滾出立院

    (“Spoiled Children” Lin Yu-Fang Scold the Students: Get Out of Legislative Yuan If You Fear Debate)

    (Translated Version in google doc file)


    News: 〈快訊〉3校長進議場 學生婉拒建立平台

    (Breaking news 3 University Principals Entered Legislative Yuan Students Reject Establishing of Communication Platform)

    (Translated version in google doc file)



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