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    Posted March 29, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

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    Taiwanese Riot Police Did Not Inflict Freedom of Demonstration

    The students illegally took over the Executive Department on the night of 3/23. The police guards originally in the Executive Department were forcefully pushed out by the students.The Executive Department has numerous classified doctrines, and demonstration in the Executive Department is strictly forbidden by law. That is why the students must be evacuated.Taking over the Executive Department has crossed the line. The students in the Legislative Department are still sitting there unharmed because the demonstration does not threaten national safety. The freedom of demonstration was not inflicted during this evacuation. Oppositely, the evacuation was necessary to protect Taiwan’s democracy because democracy does not mean absolute freedom. Absolute freedom unchecked by law would only lead to chaos and would destroy Taiwan.

    The conflict was not a one-sided attack, and the protesters who stormed the Executive Yuan were not calm or legal at all.It would be a lie to say that the riot police did not injure the students at all, yet is even more malicious to black Taiwanese government by saying that the evacuation was police brutality on legal and peaceful student protesters.During the evacuation, many students threw water bottles (full of water, which banged on the police shields loudly) at the riot police. In many videos, students seized a police’s throat, pepper sprayed the police, threw unknown liquid onto police’s faces, punctured the tire of the water cannon car, and some used a bicycle as a weapon to crash onto the police force. Their cussing never stopped.When the students took over Executive Yuan, they ripped the curtains, cracked the windows, dismantled the ceiling, and also cracked the staffs’ drawers open. Drink, food, change were stolen. Printers, copy machines, computers, doors were destroyed. They doodled on nationally valuable antiques and used some of them block the entrances. Many antiques were demolished.It is true that not all students participated in these violence and destructions, yet it was clear that the protest has spun out of control and has lost its legality. A large group of people behaving in violent and uncontrolled way, the protest has turned into a riot when they stormed the Executive Department and destroyed properties inside.

    Executive Yuan is an important government department. To make it easier for understanding, the combination of the Executive Yuan the Office of the President in Taiwan is close to the White House in the United States. Basically, the Executive Office is close to a White House without the President’s Office. It is the heart and center of Taiwanese government, and definitely not a place for anyone to intrude. Even if we trust that the students would not take or touch the classified documents, no one can guarantee that no spy would grab this chance and get his hands on what he wants during the chaos. (In fact, although no classified documents were touched, many other documents were not in their original place on Monday morning.)If you try to take over a governmental department in any other democratic countries in the world, you would most likely get shot immediately at the gate. Republic of China (Taiwan) is a democratic country ruled by law. Illegal demonstrations at inappropriate place must be checked by law, or our nation would lose its social order and be ruled by mob.

    The riot police were gentle enough. Just youtube it and you can see how U.S. police evacuated the crowd on Wallstreet. Taiwanese riot police has tried their best to avoid injuring the students when they enforce law. There were long pauses before the waves of evacuations. They also tried to convince the students to walk out by themselves before every wave of evacuation. When they pulled the students up from the ground, they kept telling them "Alright, go home" instead of scolding them (even though many students were cussing at the police all the time!). You can see from youtube videos (the longer and more complete ones, not the short, intentionally chopped up ones) that the police tried to lift the students instead of beating them to force them up. It is incorrect to blame them for being forceful starting from the third wave of evacuation, when they have tried so many peaceful ways which didn't work out. These are riot police, not the students’ grannies. The number of riot police injured was almost as high as the number of students injured. (Earlier in the week, a Captain of the usual police force was seriously injured during students’ storming of the Legislative Yuan and has not recovered yet, still in the hospital.)They are riot police, if they want, they can enforce the law without any injury on their side. Google and youtube it, and will find Taiwanese riot police are the most gentle riot police in the world.They only get hurt because they did not want to be too violent on the students.

    Seriously, STOP BLACKING the police force. They only did what was needed to protect a democratic and lawful nation. A picture which shows that a police kicked the student was proved by comparing various videos from different angles to be intentionally misleading. The police was carefully raising his leg high to find a spot to stand without stepping onto the student. The video which shows that a reporter was beat up by the police was actually a video 6 years ago. In fact, some reporters have uploaded video that they were beat up by students when they try to record them puncturing the tire mentioned before.

    Please realize that the evacuation was necessary to protect the social order of our nation, and does not inflict with the spirit of democracy at all.
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