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    Posted March 29, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

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    Not So Peaceful Taiwanese Students


    Not All Student Were Rational and Peaceful, Calling of Riot Police Was Just and Logical


    Taiwanese government has 5 governmental branches instead of 3. To make it easier for understanding, I will compare it with the U.S. government.
    The Executive Yuan is like the White House without the President’s Office but with all the related Executive Departments, including the Homeland Security Department and the cabinet.
    The Legislative Yuan is like United States Capitol.
    The students have taken over and occupied the Legislative Yuan for almost 2 weeks now, and stormed the Executive Yuan on 3/23.
    Put it in U.S. analogy… the students have taken over and occupied the United States Capitol for almost two weeks now, and stormed the White House on 3/23 when the President was not there.


    Due to the character limit of CNN, the complete report can not be put in the description. I upload it to google doc for sharing. Here are the evidences why the riot police was necessary to protect our nation.



    1. [CTV]Student Protesters Stormed the Executive Yuan, Minister’s Office Close to Disaster
    Students ripped down the curtain of Executive Yuan. Students ordered the policemen to take off their uniform. Students cracking the staffs’ drawers open.
    The reporter asked, “Don’t you think this is improper?”
    Student continued, “Nope.”
    Those students who think they were blacked when blamed for the destruction in the Executive Yuan should remember the faces of these people!


    2. Executive Yuan Fallen! The Most Shameful Record In Constitution History

    The students threw the computers from the desks to the floor, and official documents were flipped through and moved around
    The students were yelling “Jiang Yi-huah COMES OUT!” as if they were gangsters, and they violently kicked the office door open.
    The students hit the policemen with the door as they tried to squeeze the policemen out.
    The students who feel wronged when criticized by public on the demonstration which lost its order should remember the faces of these people also.


    3. 20140324 Students Smashed the Executive Yuan’s Gate Open, Moved Cheval de Fries Away
    The policemen did not violate the Constitution. They were legally protecting the Executive Yuan that night. However, the students were yelling, “If the policemen violate the Constitution, we are not illegal!
    The policemen warned the students that destroying the cheval de frises (which have been placed in front of the Executive Yuan to protect the department since days ago) is illegal, yet they ignored his warning.
    They brought quilt to cover the cheval de frises before cracking them down. This was clearly a planned violation of law.
    They pushed and smashed and stomped on the cheval de frise in groups. The students are not innocent. The cheval de frises are public properties, and they were warned before they destroyed them.
    It is not strange at all that the riot police force were called because the regular policemen were humiliated and bullied by the students.


    4. [ETTV] Playfully Laughing, Looking for the Toilet, Eating the Snacks, Storming the Executive Yuan as if “Shopping on Street”
    Department of Homeland Security was intruded. If Documents of National Security were stolen or read by any spy, the students can not afford the grim price.
    The students grabbed the snack in Executive Yuan as if it’s his. The eating of snack was not captured by the video so we don’t know whether he ate it inside the Executive Yuan, but his action was undoubtedly pilfering.
    The man in stripe clothing does not look like a student at all. Who were those people who smuggled into the Executive Yuan?
    Please remember the faces of these criminals.


    5. Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement/ Ripping the Curtains, Taking Self Portrait to Show Off on FB, Storming of Executive Yuan Lost Its Order |iSET
    This was the cut video mentioned earlier which made me mad. Could iSET please release the entire video they played on the night of 3/23? During 3/23, iSET news repeatedly played the captured scene of students pulling down the curtains, yet iSET’s official web only has this cut version now.
    What does this mean? Is this media censorship from the students?
    When the students moved the desks in Executive Yuan to block the entrances, the reporter asked, “Wouldn’t this desk break if you do this?”
    A student, “Desk broken? I don’t care!
    Student crowd, “Don’t care! Don’t care!
    … and now the students claim that they did not destroy the properties in Executive Yuan?
    The reporter even warned them that things will be broken!


    6. Water Canon Car Reached Executive Yuan, Conflict Broke Out Between Police and Civilians – FTV
    Flying water bottles filled with water used to attack the police can be frequently seen in this video. Students used bike as a weapon to attack the riot police. A student sprayed police with pepper spray and then ran off.
    The policemen pulled away the student who tried to stop the water canon car by lying in front of it, and the student started yelling “Police Violence!!” even if the policemen never hit him.
    A student punctured water canon car’s tire with something sharp and then ran off. Students stormed the fire engine and wanted to get the firefighter off his truck.


    7. 2014 03 24 Executive Yuan Part 5
    This video was uploaded by a person who was in the protesting crowd. Flying bottles can be frequently seen.
    At 6:20 in this video, a man threw something onto the face of a riot police. The unknown thing seems to be some sort of liquid because the police was wiping his face.
    Those students who were there protesting should remember the face of this man.
    He ignored the student’s attempt to keep the order, and insisted on attacking the police. These people spun the protest out of order!
    Too many strange people have smuggled into the crowd, and the order of the protest was not retainable.

    8. Originally from FB, uploaded to youtube
    Students choked the policeman and dragged him. The policeman almost hit the edge of the iron street plate.


    9. FB Video of a Reporter
    A reporter was filming when a student punctured the tire of the water canon truck.
    The students pushed and beat the reporter (seems to be TTV reporter), and then they viral a video from six year ago to black that the police beat up a reporter to black the police.
    The students were unable to keep the participants in order, and the protest has totally lost control.


    10. ETTV Young Policemen Stopping Hundreds Alone, Last-Ditch Defense to Stop the Students by Blowing Whistle
    A policeman blew his whistle in futile to stop the students from storming the office from windows. The student who yelled at him said “I order you to come down now!”, and told other students “He is trying to trick us into attacking him!” while the brave policeman was only doing his job in a respectable manner.

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