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    Posted March 29, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Let's Use Charter Schools to 'Hammer' Public Schools into Line

    Kids in charter schools don’t learn any better than those in plain-vanilla public schools. But if the threat of more charter schools forces public schools to get better, I'm all for it.
    Public school administrators and many teachers are their own worst enemy when it comes to dwindling support for the public school model nowadays.
    As more parents see that many public schools are more interested in their own bottom line, salaries and retirement, than their children's needs, more parents are turning their support to Charter Schools.
    Charter Schools deliver no better results than public schools.
    "Stanford University crunched test data from 26 states. About a quarter of charters delivered better reading scores, but more than half produced no improvement, and 19% had worse results. In math, 29% of the charters delivered better math scores, while 40% showed no difference, and 31% fared worse."
    And both political parties use charter schools' funding to reward their cronies that helped them get elected.

    The fact that corporations not paying taxes and thereby starving local and state governments of cash, allows the private sector to step in and profit by loaning money to the states for the same services that unpaid taxes could provide, is being touted as a good thing.
    Privatization is always a good thing to every Republican. And why not? They're the lobbyists for Goldman Sachs and others that profit by funding charter schools.
    But if the threat of more charter schools causes public schools to re-focus on our children's needs, then progressives should consider using this wedge to drive the point home.
    When a public school can expel a child for very little with not recourse but be rewarded for this and other failed policies, it's time to rein in the arrogant administration of an increasingly out-of-control entitled class of liberal teachers that no longer have the children's interests uppermost in mind. And I'm a progressive.
    Kids need an incentive to learn. Good paying jobs don't exist as they once did in the U.S. anymore.
    Let's stop lying to our children and give them the resources to create their own lives with good public schools again rather than continue to have the entitled, arrogant, administrators telling us that they know better when the test results prove otherwise.
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