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    Posted March 29, 2014 by
    vienna, Virginia

    Please help me, Korea student(patient)

    Dear CNN and everybody,

    I am Eunjeong Heo who is from South Korea to do internship here.

    I uploaded my pics which looks like normal...
    However, the pictures doesn't show it well.. it is more
    stronger and bring a lot of pain.

    So far, I didn’t get any exact diagnosis about my symptom, and I am so scared because something like emergency can happen to me. It sounds like exaggeration, but the problem I’ve felt is lasting for 16 days and even I am not doing any cure for my body.

    I don’t know this symptom is vasculitis or thoracic outlet syndrome which I guess and I heard from other medical staff. Or really it could be because of muscle spasm which the last doctor I met said. The important thing is that if I really have vasculitis or thoracic outlet syndrome, it could be really serious to my life, and also I don’t know I can really take an airplane with this problem because of high pressure of airplane.

    For last 16 days, I am feeling weird symptom, but I can’t do anything more because the doctors who I met said I am normal. So I want to ask anybody about this… I really need someone to help me.

    If I say all my symptoms which I’ve felt is sting with both arms. On 2nd day, my hand is like on fire and it had high fever. On third day, my vein of left wrist looks like balloon, and my skin from wrist to elbow became swollen. If I push swollen part of my left hand, the blood of vein flowed well. At that time, the parts of swollen increased, and I could see the speed of swollen, and skin was hard.

    I went to emergency department because I felt something like paralysis(Just my feeling) with my left hand, but the doctors said it is kind of muscle ache and I should do some elevation and putting some ice on my hand. However, as time goes by, it was deteriorated and later I couldn’t put my hand up or down because it is like flowing blood backward and it was so heavy. Also I could see the thick and longer vein on my wrists.

    As time goes by, I could see even long vein of my both arms(From wrist to Elbow) It feels like someone pulled my vein. I went to American physician. She said it is kind of injury /inflammation. After a few days, I felt feeling which blood doesn’t flow well on my arms, so I went to emergency dept again. I didn’t know which hospital I should go. I didn’t know emergency dept is so expensive and they just do basic things. It is the reason why I went to Emergency dept twice.

    This time emergency dept said it is tendonitis. They said I should go to orthopedics. However, orthopedics near my house are full of appointment, and I heard tendonitis could be recovered by acupuncture well for 1~2 weeks. He said it could be not only tendonitis and it probably could be because of vein which has to do with valve and blood circulation.

    So I saw cardiovascular doctor and general doctor. They said it is normal and just seeing new vein will be gone away after a while.

    However, I can see new veins every day, even on my back of hands, arms, legs, chest!
    I could see new brown vein on my left breast. Also the swollen parts of both arms are still same.

    I’ve seen the blur of my hands. Kind of purple. Today I saw a little green color of my hands. 2 days ago, I felt heartburn and stuffy abdomen which I don’t know it could be because of anti-inflammatory.

    I couldn’t sleep well because it is like blood flowing backward on my both hands and chest. I am sleeping by leaning against the wall.

    In this country, going to hospital is so expensive and difficult to me which I’ve been here just 8 months… The process and making appointment… They are so busy… I think I really should be cured quickly., actually I wanted go back to Korea which is cheaper and convenient to me, but I don’t know I could take an airplane because I don’t know my problem is on vein

    The final doctor, general doctor who I met, she said it is kind of muscle spasm. Time is only the medicine.
    However, I am so worried and nervous because I don’t know whether I could see my parents later by going back to my country or not. Please help me anybody. I have no one who can help me substantially in this country. My body is evidently…so deteriorating.

    Every day… in United States… is nervous to me… Please help me.
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