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    Mad man on the roof

    The mad man on the roof In the past I heard that a mad man can act so badly that thousand of cleavers can not replace his stupidity. Now the people say USA wanted to attack Afghanistan, but they did not have any excuse to do this action and fight with Taliban or Alghaede. Some people including Mr. Dr. Ahmadi Nejad say that USA itself prepares the plan of this attack. How a super power cannot be aware from such an attack? He says they or part of the government prepared this plan, so they can have excuse to attach Afghanistan or Iraq. Now they are saying yearly 30 billions dollars is spent for the Afghanistan. So who has the benefit in this war? The people of Afghanistan or the people or Iraq or USA have benefit of this war.

    The people of USA pay high tax to finance the war and they also will lose a lot of their young or middle aged people. The people in Iraq or Afghanistan have disasters and lack of materials, no water and instead bombs and insecurity. Every day some people are killed by suicide bombers. And as you know some people made money and continue to make more money. The super man people send a mad man on the roof and made a lot of advertisement for him and so the people started to be against him and for him and they started the quarrel between themselves and were busy with those activities. In the time that the mad man made a lot of noise and advertisement on the roof where everybody could see him easily, the thieves and charlatans made a lot of money from this confusion. The families are destroyed the condition is worst than before. The girls had no husbands and the boys had no money to support the girls and marry them. The girls went to other countries to find husband or work and the parents were upset and angry about the condition. The sent a mad man on the roof to have an excuse to fight again.

    All the way which were guided to the roof were blocked by the mad man or his friends. He was in the top of the roof and everybody could see him and he started to advertise for hate and war and fighting. He lied very easily for his purpose, because he was told lying is OK if it guides you to the target. Nobody could go to the roof and bring mad man down. He and his friend blocked all the ways to the roof and he was there safe and sound to do his mission. He was free there to say what ever he wanted and nobody had access to him. First he said good words that he love people and will help the people if he gets money and power. He wanted to gather people around himself first. All of you get nice house, nice wife and nice husbands if you support me, I will promise to give all of you good jobs, enough incomes and nice environment. We will build the paradise on the earth. We do not need hurries from paradise, we will create them here. Everybody can go to university, everybody can have enough money, I will promise you to give a lot of wealth to all of you. God will give me money and I will give them to you.

    Some people started to say, he is saying the same words that Satan told Jesus? He said to Jesus the same things all will give you the whole world and you will be the king of kings on the earth. The history is repeating itself always and the people make the same mistake over and over. They go after something better and they got something much worst. He said always good words and the people were so happy to have such a nice man on the top of the roof. You will all get what ever you want, I will divide the wealth between all of you very just and everybody get a good portion. The rich must pay more tax and the poor should have a good life for this world and for the other world. I will help you to get both worlds and gain both of them. But as soon as he saw he had a lot of people around him, he started to train people to hate and to kill. If you kill those people who are a little bit different than you; you will go to paradise and will get nice life. Now the people have no access to him any more, he was on the top of the roof and they were down. Slowly the people started to hate him. They through stones and eggs or mud to him or, they even through Sheet On him.

    But now he was up and they were down. And he had also some supporters between people. He with the support of some of his followers, he continue his way and he did not care if many people will be destroyed or not. He let his followers kill the other people and he commanded from the roof, kill them, if they do not listen to you. You are important; they are nothing just like mosquitoes. He was now after so many lie and so many promises up and the people who believed him were down. Now he had the power to control them and he got a lot of followers. He let down money or gold to the people.He got before from his unseen masters to his flowers and they could have a good life and did not care about other people. He could manage to get his position and now he does not care about people any more, because he had enough flowers and he got enough money from his supporters to act like that. No he guided the people in the way he wanted or in the way that unseen people dictated him. He could divide the people in different group and each group was against other group. And they did not know the real reason of this hate and disunity. The mad man did his job which has been dictated to him very well. And with huge advertisement from the roof of the world, he could reach with his voice all people he needed. Hate , war disunity and fighting was already started.

    The people have fear to be against the Satan as his followers spread this advertisement. Now with fear he continues his mission. And the people were in a very bad situation and they regret why the flow the mad man. But now it was too late, he had the people he wanted and they supported him enough. He did not need any one any more. Everyday a lot of passengers came there to see the mad man on the roof. So a lot of businesses were created because of the action of mad man. The people to go there and to see Satan should buy the ticket of air plans or trains or they should drive there. The local people got very wealthy because of mad man. They could rent their rooms or houses very expensive to the passengers, or to the people who decided to stay there. The district of the mad man on the roof gets very popular and very expensive. And the people of that area get also rich, because of the mad man. The people are amazing and they think the mad man will rescue them from the poverty and can help them to get jobs. They give money to other people to get a jobs or they sent the money to the mad man, in the hope to get job and come out from poverty. The promise of the mad man was like a medicine for them, they love to hear his lies. With this lies they were happy and they thought they will be rescued. The mad man influence people from the roof of the world to fight for their believes, so the people who sell the weapons were supporting the mad man and give some present of their benefits to him.

    All the people who had benefits from the mad man help him to destroy and confuse the people , the majority more and more. They gave him billion of billions gold coins. So he could spend and buy what ever he wanted. He just think about himself and did not care about the majority. Now the opium and drug business was also very good there. Some people were disappointed and use drug or drink alcohol to forget the life. And smart people were killed or they put in prisons by the mad man supporters. Some people still believed him and some knew he is a agent of huge business people who want to sell their weapons or drugs and will also prove the power of their weapons. Many people know he is a mad man, but the people who had a lot of benefits wanted to fight with other people, they prefer to keep the mad man on the power, so they can make more money as before. Some people got rich because of his madness, so they wanted him. The mad man on the roof brought killing and hate and difficult life for the majority of people as gifts.

    But some of his flowers had everything that they could not believe. He made paradise on the earth just for some people. But the majorities of people have been cheated and were losers so they were waiting for a Messiah to come and rescue them and they pray for it and some were also fighting against the people of the mad man on the roof.
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