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    Hate between Bahais and Moslem Shia

    The hate and disunity between Bahais and Moslems, West and East and… from Wall Street to the dictators’ places? Part One.

    For the unity of mankind, we need to know about other cultures, religions and the way of life of other people. As I was for a long time, college teacher in different countries, Europe, Middle Eastern countries, Africa and USA and I had different students from different cultures, background, religions, not religions, I can give a good view of my experiences here. I was also general consultant to the government and also gathered different experiences. I hope my writing will give you a minimum knowledge about the young people in different countries and also about their interest and problems.

    The people and the system in the world are some how confused. From one side the nice expensive life and from the other side a lot of difficulties exist in our life. Each of us has our own believe, culture, languages and measurements and everybody thinks that his/her religion, the way how he/she is living and his/her believe and way of thinking is right and is the best. We are stocked with our believes; our cultures, our religions and or not religions. Atheists, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, Communists, Capitalists, Bahais, Christian and different churches of Christians, Jews and… all believe that they find the right and they are right. In the past, that was may be not a problem as the people live in different area and did not have any contacts with each other and they live some sort of isolation with their own people or maximal with their own nation. But now it is a different story, the people have contacts with each other and they see and read other thinking and other way of life.

    In the Middle East as a child we heard that in the West, Europe and America, the science is very advanced, the universities are very good and the people are very well educated. We heard that the police in Britain all of them have B A degree, they are very friendly and are ready to help. The dream of most children that I know was to go to the West for study and or for living. We did not know that all these benefits are maximal for the people who born there and not for other people. The exaggeration of the Middle Eastern people made it worst. The older Moslem who came back from Europe and or American told us, the paradise that we read in Quran is in the West. The life is so good there and the houses and street are clean and nice and the people are so academic and so good that you think you are in the paradise. And we believe all these stories. The young people said, you can have easily a girl friend there and you can marry her very easy. And the exaggeration some times was so much that they say any man is well come and the German women or girls are taking him with a lot of interest. The women are so free and you can have a lot of them every day or night. From the other side, their school and universities are so advanced and so good equipped that you can learn without any difficulties.

    The dream of many of us was that. But later I have been informed that a lot of my best students have killed themselves in Europe, and they were so under stress and difficulties, even a lot of my best students who have earned Ph D from best universities in Europe have suicide. That in Europe and America, there are a lot of good universities and they have also a lot of possibilities is a fact. That is also a fact that a lot of very smart and intelligent students of the Middle Eastern countries are very successful here and they have good jobs and good income, no doubt. But my story is about normal and not so intelligent people from the Middle Eastern countries that are here almost useless and are going down and are destroying. They were in their countries, good teacher, managers, engineers, doctors and have other good professional position, but here they are sick, depressed, physical workers, homeless, without any work and or killing themselves.

    In Middle East generally sex and love is different and sex even with love is verboten. The young people over there have a huge problem with sex. As they cannot be sexually active, they start to hate the sex and who does this. Sometimes for them even handshaking of an opposite sex, is the same as intercourse. Or being together and have fun or swim is for them like a sexual intercourse. Dancing and kissing, hugging and touching the opposite sex are immoral. I will continue this article later.
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