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    Posted March 30, 2014 by
    Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona Spain Protest Turns Violent


    On what should have been a regular Saturday evening March 29th in Barcelona, the night erupted into mass protest and riot. With no warning, an organized protest poured into the streets. Protesters vandalized centuries-old buildings, while also destroying many major banks and defacing these former palaces with spray paint depicting symbols and the words "anti-capitalism". Their roars of anger were deafening and could even be heard through sound-proof glass.

    See video of the protest - http://youtu.be/R6E1qzerqDg
    See video of the riot police - http://youtu.be/D53IhhEDnd0

    Riot police quickly displayed a massive mobilization of force, using both armored personnel carriers and police in riot gear to storm the streets. In the video, look to the man in the red coat at the intersection of Calle Montcada and Calle de Princesa, who thought flipping the bird to the riot police was a good idea.  Riot Police responded in kind.


    Can Barcelona, and Spain itself, continue to expect more and more organized  protests ike these? With an already high unemployment rate, that only continues to rise, young and old alike are bringing their grievances to the street. Only a few years ago, Saturday nights were for enjoyment and pleasure, but with no hope for an influx of jobs and no money to spare, this might become the new pastime.

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