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    Unusual Passover Moons!


    2 x 2 or 4 "BLOOD MOONS" (4 lunar eclipse and 1 Solar eclipse) all of a sudden! Over the next 18 months


    Hi CNN! I thought our world might want to be informed, if they were not aware as of yet, of the great buzz within the Christian and Jewish circles about what is going on with these 5 unusual lunar and solar eclipses, especially since these events will start in less than two weeks from today, or Tuesday April 15, 2014!


    Please check with the NASA public website and find that there really is going to be some unusual celestial activity, all occurring and lined up with traditional Jewish festival times. Under these same conditions with such eclipses, there have been marked historical events. It would be important to note that God himself, who placed these objects in the heavens just so, and used them for the Jewish calendar and requirements, would have no reason to bypass this great way of informing our world when things are going to happen. God also has caused many men, under the works of his Holy inspiration and wisdom, which he has given to many a man, in many different ways, has also caused his prophets, (he called them this name, because we profit from their knowledge and so this is a spiritual "play on words") to write down what will happen in the future, or to have them "prophesy in the Bible." In many places, such as in Genesis, Joel, Acts, and Revelation God uses giant celestial objects such as the sun, moon and stars to get our attention and awareness. Jesus himself indicated this in the book of Matthew, at chapter 24:29 (KJV) :

          'Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened,

          and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from

          heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken' (KJV)


    So? These 4 lunar and 1 solar eclipse must be BIG STUFF!

    There is much Bible Evangelical information and publications out now, proclaiming these events, and what they may incur. If one wishes to mark these dates and "keep on the watch" here they are:


    *****FIRST 2014 YEAR*****

    Passover 4/15/14, ...."IN TWO WEEKS!" A, full Lunar Eclipse (Blood Red Moon)
    Sukkot 10/08/14 , same year, A full Lunar Eclipse (Blood Red Moon) Jewish Fall Festival



    Often, when God calls or speaks to us, he had to do it "twice" like, "Abraham, Abraham" or "Moses, Moses" or "Samuel, Samuel" .....Why? Because Adam did not listen the first time, and we had to have a 2nd man Adam, Jesus, who would better firmly establish the Words of our God and listen to him...So, often he repeats his messages or calls twice, like Pharaoh's dream in Egypt with the fat and the lean cows or the full and skimpy ears of corn. The patriarch "Joseph" or son of Jacob, that was sold into Egypt by his jealous brothers, interpreted "dreams" from God for Pharaoh and had indicated that God was doubling this vision to make sure mankind knew that it was a "firm" pronunciation by him, and that there would be a famine in Egypt after a very rich 7 years. We still have the same God and teacher above. Therefore some feel it is a 4 Blood Moon pronunciation, and this is true, but it may be 2, lunar eclipse and then 2 again, with God's Sun and his Spiritual Son eclipsing in the middle of things!



    ADAR 29 / OR NISAN 1 ....3/20/15 A Full Solar Eclipse) Jewish Date - Sky dark


    Passover 4/4/15, ......A full Lunar Eclipse (Blood Red Moon)
    Sukkot 9/28/15, same year Another Full Lunar Eclipse (Blood Red Moon) (Compare 1492,1948.1967)


    About double visions or double warnings; in the Older Testament, God saved a world by putting animals in Noah's Ark, in a 2 x 2 fashion. Likewise, Jesus sent his disciples out 2 x 2 so that one disciple could back up the other. The strong and the weak, male on the ark with female, and in men, one more outspoken possibly than the other, or courageous. When someone confirms OR SECONDS A SAYING (or 2nds a motion) such as "AMEN" this firms up what is either being said, or done. In Israel, Jesus and Moses both indicated 2 witness were needed to more firmly establish a matter. The words "Amen" are used to 2nd a prayer motion, or back it up, ironically Amen is a second name for Jesus. (2Cor 1:20, Rev 3:14) To double a vision or dream means likely to reinforce the thought.


    In former times, when God did something "twice" that also meant that the witness given was being made more firm, or "Firmly established" and God was speeding to accomplish it! So it is probably a doubled warning as God's Holy ones, like Christ, the Prophets, and the Apostles up to now, were not only killed, but killed again today (a double blood guilty situation) by one's ignoring their teachings which most of them gave their lives for. God does have a history of correcting our world and does own it and has purposed it.


    !!! Jesus warned of "Signs in the Heavens and Portents." It looks like these signs are going to be indeed of GREAT IMPORTANTS!  What will this mean for the Jewish People or for our entire World?


    A lot of persons are going to want to know why and what these things mean. God has used the celestial Heavens, Moon, Stars, and Sun for "SIGNS" and our Lord Jesus indicated that we should all keep awake to the signs of these times!


    D.S. Baird

    Contact: dbaird@biblelightforourtimes.com

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