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    How To Quit Smoking. Have You Tried Using Fear?


    How To Quit Smoking. Have You Tried Using Fear?

    Let me start off by saying that I've never been a smoker. So you may be saying to yourself if you began reading this article in hopes of finding a way to quit smoking that it's real easy for me to say what I'm saying....you do have a point. But hear me out. This could be just the solution you were looking for.......

    Ever watch that documentary, "Scared Straight"?

    Where young, juvenile delinquents are taken on tours of the interiors of prisons and correctional facilities by the prisoners themselves?


    All designed to have the effect of scaring them so badly, that they would get their acts together, and stop going down the wrong road.

    I believe that they have the right idea.

    How many times do you think those kids were warned by their parents, friends, family, teachers, etc. to change course? To wake up? Have you noticed that few people will do anything positive, (even for themselves), by simply appealing to their sense of logic and common sense.

    That's usually because on some level, they are actually getting some sort of pleasure from their activities....Acceptance by their friends.
    Some sort of material payoff. Something to do to pass the time because they are bored. (An idle mind is the devil's playground, as they say).

    Could be anything, really.

    Understand that it is extremely difficult to quit something that you actually ENJOY doing. (It seems counter intuitive to use). We are conditioned to quit what we don't like. What we hate. That's why most of us are not good at math, or keeping New Year's day resolutions, or getting regular checkups at the dentist or family doctor. (They
    just might find something wrong. We want to put that revelation as far into the future as humanly possible. It's just better NOT to know, we tend to think).

    OR....it could be that the potential and obvious consequences of their actions simply don't SCARE them enough to stop.

    Now we are getting somewhere.

    I've always believed that pain is a much better and effective motivator than pleasure. Pleasure you can take or leave. Pain arrests your attention, grabs you by the throat, and demands that you take it seriously.

    A well known self-help guru wanted to get his kids to do better in school. He tried all sorts of bribes like money, praise and other rewards. Nothing worked, and frustration set in. He wasn't sure what he could do to turn this situation around. Then the light bulb came on.

    He loaded them up into the car, and took them for a trip down to skid row. Where people down on their luck, broke, deshevelled

    There is a reverse psychology strategy that I tell people to use anytime that they feel depressed and unhappy with their situation in life, or just envious of other people.
    The idea is for them to spend some time walking the hallways of hospitals. To take a good long look at people who WISHED that they had THEIR legs, THEIR eyes, THEIR health, etc. To realize that as bad as we may THINK we have it in life, there is always someone who had it WORSE. That actually ENVIED them.

    To be GRATEFUL for the life that they now despise.

    Perhaps....perhaps, the solution to quitting smoking is NOT to be found in a patch that you place on your arm. Or nicotine gum. Or medication.

    I am not a smoker (nor drinker), as I mentioned earlier. And I believe that one of the reasons for that is because I lived the advice that you are reading in this article growing up as a kid.

    I grew up in a bad neighborhood. Lots of drugs, Alchoholism, poverty, etc. all around me. And I noticed that all of those things seemed to be tied together, hand in hand. Drugs + alchohol + violence + smoking
    + no education = poverty. I saw first hand how those things destroyed the lives of those who engaged in those activities. I saw their pain. I saw many of them being taken to jail because of them. I saw their
    children suffering because of their parents actions, yet going down that same road. Making those same mistakes. Falling into the same traps. Knowing that eventually, THEIR children would make the same
    mistakes. An endless chain of misery.

    It didn't make me envy them. Nor think they were cool. I wanted nothing to do with that world, and stayed as far away from them as I could. I knew that the only think that I was 'missing out on'....was failure.

    And to this day thank God as I write these words, I have NEVER taken a drop of alchohol, NOR used drugs, NOR smoked cigarettes NOR weed. There is not even the slightest inkling of desire for those things. Those images have stayed with me to this day as a grown man. In fact, I feel confident enough to say that I will never engage on those things.

    I simply have zero desire to.

    But you might be thinking, "That's nice for you? But what about those who are already smokers? What can be done for them?"

    Here's my answer....The same thing can can prevent smoking to begin with, can ALSO be used to STOP it. So.....How to quit smoking? Here's my recommendation.....

    If you are finding it difficult to quit smoking, I believe it's because the pleasure that you are deriving from that activity, is greater that the pain (thoughts of the consequences if you don't).

    The solution.....find ways to increase your pain, and decrease your pleasure from smoking. When pain starts to outweigh pleasure, the balance will tip towards you quitting rather than being addicted.

    How do you increase your pain of smoking? The same way I've been alluding to all along in this article. Ever see those commercials where people whose lives have been destroyed by smoking tell people to either quit or not to start....or end up like them? Now THAT is the right idea!

    How many times have you winced just looking at them? Amazed that smoking could lead to such disasterous consequences for a person's health? (The surgical scars. Holes in their throats just to breathe properly. Having to use a hand held device the size of an electric
    shaver pressed against their throats just to communicate because their vocal chord have been partially destroyed. Hair loss. Skin that looks like worn leather. Women that speak like large, burly men with a frog in their throats).


    You can do a search on Youtube.com and find all of those anti-smoking commercials. Force yourself to watch them for an hour everyday. You will quickly make the connection between the smoking that you are doing today, and the future that they are showing you could be facing in the near future if you don't stop.

    Also, look for videos on severe cases of lung cancer....where lungs that are supposed to be pink when healthy, are now black, and filled with tumors and cysts. (Or for extra motivation, visit a hospital or medical lab, and ask to see these things in real life). That's going to be a wake up call you won't soon forget.

    You are not going to get that kind of reality check, that kind of motivation, the experience of 'being scared straight' from a patch, or pill or lecture from loved ones.

    For more information, visit http://bit.ly/1mfQoOj

    (If the link is not live, copy and paste it into your browser.)

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