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    Posted March 30, 2014 by
    Ogden, Utah

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    The Cancer of Hate?

    What is it about a nice smile or someone letting you in traffic? It makes your day! Is it Newton's first Law of Emotions? Newton's first law of physics, for every action there are like but opposite reaction. There is the momentum effects and there is the math formula of F=MA of Newton's 3 Laws. I believe this math formula can be replaced with the following. I believe this math formula F=MA can be where M=population involved, A=change in emotions and F=total emotions force. "A" can be where there is a change in emotions from hate to goodwill and vice versus.
    I believe hate is also governed by other science such as quantum theories and sicknesses, to where it can grow by these means. There are quantum leaps theories, to where hate takes on higher levels by way of leaps. Hate also behave like a cancer or a virus, it can metastasize or infect perfectly healthy cells? You have no idea where it will show up. Also, Is hate like that of dark matter of the Universe, it spreads where there is no light of new hope, goodwill and opportunities.
    A major national news outlet, it seems, its soul purpose is to infect good cells or people with this hate virus against the other political party. Is it causing a result called the law of unwanted consequences by this war on the other party and do not realize it. Sort of like how a frog does not realize that it is sitting in ever increasing hot water because of its blood type; are people being consumed by this ever increasing level of hate, but do not realize it as well?
    You cannot light a darken world with more darkness, only light will do. Reagan used the lighted city on a hill, as one example. Bush 41 used the ten thousand points of lights as another example. The founding of our great nation and the Constitution was the result of the power of Goodwill, the opposite of hate. We had this debate of the power of federal government versus state's rights. Back then the founding fathers included both. If we had this dehumanize the other side in our politics back in the founding of this great nation, this nation and US Constitution would never had been born.
    We should continue in this spirit of new hope, goodwill and opportunities by framing our health care debate not as Obamacare, but that of UnitedStatesCare. This way good ideas from both parties can build on our health care system. At the same time we are in this light of new goodwill and compromise, we make the whole world as healthy as it can be. Then this cancer of HATE will have a harder time taking hold and infecting even more places around the world. Thus we must, as a nation, be UNITED in the spirit of GOODWILL; otherwise, it will continue to weaken our nation around the world. Then we all lose, as a result, in my opinion.
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