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    Orlando, Florida
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    The hate between races, religions, nationalities, because of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge or believing in absolutisms.

    The hate between races, religions, nationalities, because of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge or believing in absolutisms.

    In the past the people live more and less isolated and they did not have so much contacts with each other as we have today. But today the world is smaller and we can fly and be in few hours in a different country or even different continent. They speak different language , a fundamentalist European or American thinks that the Islam is a religion of hate and killing , the Moslems are not nice and they are hard unfriendly and are against women and they abuse women and girls and if they do not obey them, they kill them. They have sexual disorder and make sex and intercourse with boys and other men , they rob each other and they are not honest and say easily lie. And a fundamentalist Moslem has almost the same idea. He/she think the west people sleep with each other without marriage certificate, or love and they have Ids are immoral and lie and cheat and rob easily. They try to destroy Islam and the Moslems. Most of their girls are not virgin after sixteen or they marry as a not virgin. The leaves the women are free and do what ever they want and wear what ever they like. So the boys and girls live together and have intercourse with each other in the time they are interest for it.

    In the time that I was teacher in Middle East or Europe or USA even most of my students had a negative pictures from other side. In Middle East the student of mine said that the European are like animals and they live female and male together and touch each other and kiss each other and sleep with each other like animals. And also European or American students do not have a better idea. They say they are camel riders and they are cruel and immoral, in the time they are here, they sleep with our girls or women and after they did them pregnant they run away. Now even it is worst, for them all Middle Eastern people are Moslem and terrorists. They do not respect them and some of them hate them. Now who are the victims or these hate. The normal people are not fundamentalist and will live in peace with other cultures and people are the victims of these hates just like a boy or girl with a black mother and white father hundred years ago. in the USA he /she was not accepted by black and also not by the white.

    A woman in the bikini or in swimming suite is for a fundamentalist like a whore or her picture is pornography him. They are against even that the boys and girls study at the university together. They think the people should kill the sex desire in themselves or just marry. For marriage in the Middle Eastern countries you should have a good job, because the women expect that they man should pay the whole costs. So many men they cannot marry so easily and they got sick, because of the hormone in their blood. The rich people who have a lot of women in their life and now they are leader cannot understand that the young people need work, study and love with sex? They think because they have it the other people should kill this power in themselves. The rich religious people bring nice girls in their home and marry her for a shot time for their sons, and the girls stay in their house until the boy get a real marry, but the poor people should masturbate, have sex with animals or self sex, homosexuals activates until they can marry. But because they did not grow with the girls together, the women are something unmoral for them. Even some girls after marriage hate sex and they do not want to have sex with their husbands, because they learned that the sex is sin and is bad. The elder people should understand that any boys and girls after fifteen or sixteen need to have a regular love with sex. May be some of them can control themselves easily, but some cannot and they got sick or the get mentally sick and attack their poor parents who do not have money to got a wife for him. The boys and girls if they cannot release themselves got upset and angry and sometimes they can kill themselves or other people. But if they can have contact with each other, they can chose a suit heart for themselves and be busy with her/him. Is it not better than having sex with donkeys, goats, plastics or homosexual relationship?

    That double moral in the Middle East is not good, the young boys and other animals should replace a normal love, sex relationship. It is clear that a Middle East person hates the Western people, because they have the freedom of love with sex and they do not have this freedom. What is the result, they are angry and they will be against the women if they are a little bit free.

    The best result is to replace real love instead of hate. We should love each other and the boys and girls should be also free , but clever to find their own partners for the life, most if not all people who force the people to kill their sex love desire they have a lot of sexual activities by themselves, the death is a fact but for the neighbors. Just the people rob other people to have more wealth. So long the pure love is not governing the world we will have all these type of problems. They eat and have sex and love and wealth, but the other people should have none of them? The humanity should be the measurement not the selfish people. The people who think that they are better and should be the leaders, if the people want or not, it is not important.

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