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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

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    Chang Anlo "White Wolf" sends Bamboo Gang to Parliament in Taiwan


    Confirmed: The "White Wolf" Chang Anlo, leader of the United Bamboo Gang in Taiwan, has proclaimed that he will be sending 2,000 gangsters at 1:30p.m. on April 1, 2014 into the Legislative Yuan (Parliament) where students and protesters have been peacefully defending their democratic rights as people concerned about the future of Taiwan. Although he himself will not be attending the discussion, Chang has stated that he has ordered his gangsters to also occupy the Legislative Yuan until all the students and protesters leave. In addition, the gangsters are purportedly not allowed to provoke the protesters and are forbidden to use violence on them, although rudeness in speech will be tolerated. Whether Chang actually intends to use violence and brute force to remove the protesters remains to be seen.


    A proponent of passing the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, Chang holds the viewpoint that the students have been misguided and do not understand the benefits that signing the trade agreement with China may bring. He also thinks the students should welcome the possibly higher salaries that could be obtained through job opportunities in China after they graduate.


    It appears he has not been listening to the students and protesters after all.


    The Sunflower Movement began on March 18, 2014 when students and protesters took over the Legislative Yuan to protest a trade agreement that was passed in a matter of seconds. One of their chief concerns at the time was that the agreement was being passed without the proper review processes and deliberation that a democratic system requires. Realizing that the legislators were bypassing and no longer upholding the democratic laws, the students and protesters decided to take matters into their own hands in a peaceful and non-violent way by calling upon President Ma to reply to their ultimatum, hoping he would defuse the situation with a public apology and by withdrawing the trade agreement that was the subject of the procedural errors. Imagine the students' disbelief and disappointment when the role model that they were supposed to look up to hid himself behind barbed wires in his workplace and refused to speak to them, the students and future leaders of Taiwan. How can a person who doesn't have the gall to face his own countrymen possibly lead them into a future of success and prosperity? The unanswered questions grew as the number of protesters snowballed.


    On March 30, 2014, many concerned citizens gathered at Ketagalan Boulevard to hear Student Leader Mr. Lin Fei-fan's speech. In the speech, he thanks all the people of Taiwan that have contributed to making the democracy of Taiwan a success, and states that the future of Taiwan belongs to its people. He also called for President Ma to follow the orders of its people.


    As every democratic citizen knows, the people have the right to defend their democratic rights and laws. When those very laws are being bypassed by the very legislators that are supposed to be representing the people, then it becomes the responsibility of the people to either remove those legislators that are no longer representing them, or enact new laws to maintain the integrity of the democratic processes.


    For instance, in Taiwan, it is not possible (yet) for citizens to impeach the president even if his popularity is only at 9%. Perhaps the Sunflower Movement may even see the enactment of various new laws to protect the people of Taiwan.


    Now, on March 31, 2014, the leader of one of Taiwan's most influential gangs has declared his intent to send his representatives to discuss matters with (expletives allowed) and keep an eye on the concerned, non-violent protesters that have proven, just the day before, that they are fully capable of peacefully participating in a non-violent public demonstration and just as peacefully adjourning the meeting to leave in an orderly fashion.


    The current, official leaders of Taiwan would do well to take a lesson in civility from their own upstanding citizens. Perhaps the current leaders could also consider digging holes to help plant trees and nurture the blooming spirit of Taiwan rather than deepening their graves.


    For other information related to the Sunflower Movement, please refer to CNN's official articles:




    Please also visit the Sunflower Movement's Facebook webpage to view the March 30, 2014 speech delivered by Mr. Lin Fei-fan:

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