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    Seattle, Washington

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    Remembering Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, After Twenty Years


    As the twenty-year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death slowly approaches, Seattle locals pay homage to the musician whose band, Nirvana, will soon be inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pleny of Seattle catering firms will be on hand providing food during the event.


    Cobain’s death was essentially the death of his band, Nirvana. Since that day, drummer Dave Grohl has achieved global success with his own band, Foo Fighters. Krist Novoselic, bassist for Nirvana, became a strong political activist for electoral reform.


    Although the band is no longer with us, it continues to influence and shape rock music, changing in its offering as decades transpire.


    Nirvana’s induction will be commemorated in New York City. Seattle artists, musicians, and cultural figures who watched as Nirvana made their climb to success, had much to say about the celebration that comes 20 years after its tragic end.


    Art Chantry, graphic designer at Rocket magazine remembers, “the first time we heard Nevermind at the Rocket. Designer Dennis White comes waltzing in. He had this cassette. Then somebody flipped the tape over. ‘That’s really ... good. That’s Nirvana? Play that again.’ We played the tape about 30 or 40 times, all day.”


    Chantry adds that the song conveyed Kurt’s ability to reach inside and express in a way that grabbed your attention.


    Dawn Anderson, editor of Backlash magazine shares, “It was magical, all the amazing rock

    being recorded in the late ’80s, though nobody outside of Seattle knew about it and damn few people inside Seattle had ever heard of it, either… I knew Nirvana was a great band… But how was I to know this band was to become the “voice of a generation?”


    Says bassist Krist Novoselic, who is very happy with the news, “This is a great honor," he said. "Thank you to the people who nominated and voted for us. Thank you most of all to Kurt Cobain. And to everyone who's kept rock music going strong for 60 years and counting."

    Drummer Chad Channing, who played on their debut album, Bleach, was not included with the other band inductees. The reason given is that Channing was featured on releases that were older than the 25-year span during which inductees qualify.


    The question that remains now is who will perform for Nirvana? The band has not performed since Cobain’s death. Grohl and Novoselic have both agreed to play, but they need a singer. Both are a bit hesitant to perform Nirvana songs, however, deeming the bands’ work as sacred.


    An announcement out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland suggests a few names: Michael Stipe, R.E.M. lead and close friend of Cobain’s; Paul McCartney, who has grown close to Grohl over the years; and P.J. Harvey, English Indie rocker and one of Cobain’s



    The commemorative performance will shine, but will never match the original.

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