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    How To Text From Computer To Mobile Phone.


    Text messaging and cell phones are as ubiquitous these days as paparazzi outside a movie star's home. They are everywhere. And with tens of millions
    sold every year, we are going to be up to our ears in them.


    SMS (Short Message Service) has been a game changer in man's ability to communicate with each other all over the globe.


    I'm convinced that they are (along with email, computers and the internet), the main reasons why the post office is now on such hard times these days. (Why send letters by snail mail these days, when you can enjoy instant


    But did you know that's it's now possible to send text messages by your computer now?


    That's right. Just locate a hotspot or your company's wifi, and free text messaging can be your's. (Just imagine.....no more phone cards).


    "But HOW?!!", I hear you eagerly ask. Like so.....


    The key ingredients are 1)Your email client, and 2) Knowing which carrier the person that you want to send the text to is using. (Which may be daunting if it's a complete stranger that you want to contact. Or even a
    friend or family member who's plan you're not aware of).


    But if you are privy to that information, then this should work for you 9 times out of ten. (Remember, this is computer to mobile we are referring to here. It's not specifically designed for this purpose like mobile to
    mobile. But it usually does the trick.


    Besides, it's nice to have an alternative option when your not receiving any signals in some mountainous area, or have no minutes left. (Works in a pinch).


    So here are the steps....Open up your email client, and start a new message. In the 'To' field, (this is where it gets kind of tricky, so read this section carefully, and follow it to the letter. I never said this was simple). Here
    you will enter the person's 10 digit number WITHOUT the dashes in between the digits. (839-289-2941 is now entered as 8392892941).


    After the digits, you enter '@', followed by the carrier's messaging domain name.


    So if the person that I wanted to text was on Nextel at the above number, I would enter in 8392892941@messaging.nextel.com in the 'To' field of my email client.


    You can either go directly to the carrier's website to get their messaging domain information, or just phone and ask, or just Google it.


    Keep in mind. In the body of the message that you send, there still has to be the appropriate amount of letters and digits as in a text message. (In other words, pretend that it's a regular text message). If you want to include your email address or cell phone number that's fine, but it will
    make up the total content. So keep that it mind.


    Special Note:- The only downside to this technique is that you more than likely will not receive a reply to the text that you send to the recipient to your computer. (But a simple solution is to tell them to reply to your cell phone).


    Finally, send your message.


    Want to learn another cool trick about cell phones that you probably didn't already know? Check this out....




    If the link is not live, copy and paste it into your browser. (You should
    find this very interesting).


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