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    Posted March 31, 2014 by
    Nassau, Bahamas

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    Farting Flatulence.Why And How You Get It. Can Anyone Stop It?

    Farting, as it's commonly known. Flatulence, as it's scientifically known. Call it what you want, but when someone 'cuts the cheese', 'let's one go', 'breaks wind', or passes gas', we all suffer as a society. (Because they pass it on to us.)

    What's that saying again? "The one who smelt it, dealt it." It can definitely be a blow to your nose. And when your nose experiences a headache, you know that was a
    particularly bad one. Do you know that the Discovery Channel just mentioned that beans can lead to farting? (I could have told them that!) And even the White House is now seeking ways to address this growing problem before it....'affects the climate'.

    But enough humor. You're reading this article because you want to find out what causes these bad boys, and how to possible lessen (or even cure) your chances to....offend. And clear the room. So.....let's clear the air. Here we go......

    Flatulence is basically the feeling of being bloated and gassy anywhere along the entire Gastrointestinal tract. (From the throat to the intestines). As it moves it's way
    through, it's mixes with the noxious bacterial gaseous emissions as they feed on the food that you've ingested, and either comes back out through the mouth as a burp or belch.

    Or it comes out.....the other end, as a fart. This is why it smells so bad. (Not to mention that if they have to go out the lower end, they are passing over raw stool....
    Well.....you get the idea.) And it can get particularly bad with a case of Diarrhea.

    So what contributes to flatulence build up? Any number of things.....

    Sometimes, it can be as simple as ingesting too much air as you eat or breathe. (Ever notice how gassy and bloated you can get after chewing gum for a few minutes? Or after a heavy meal?)

    The most well known cause is the types of food we eat. Which can produce bubbles of hydrogen, methane or carbon dioxide gases in abundance when broken down by our Gastric juices in the stomach, or by bacteria. And since it can't be stored in the body, it finds it's way out through either end. (Many times with an offensive sound that we've all heard ........to our great regret.) As mentioned above, beans are probably the food that
    comes to mind most readily as the culprit behind these 'bad winds'.

    They don't call it the 'musical fruit' for nothing. They contain lots of complex sugars that the human body just can't digest. But bacteria in the gut can. Leading to a very
    bad case of flatulence.

    But for me, foods high in fiber like wheat, bran, corn, and oat cereals and dairy products such as milk, are a bane to me. (Both coming together in my bowl of corn flakes.) That also includes bananas and sweet potatos.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome can also lead to gas build up.

    Drinks incorporated with a lot of carbonation, like beer and soda, will 'break the wind'.....in half.

    If you are lactose intolerant, this may be a symptom you've noticed for years. But it can be managed with supplements containing Lactase. Even beans are no match for a product you may have heard of called 'Beano'. But I have heard that cooking them in fresh water after they've been soaked and thoroughly drain can cut back on those nasty gases.

    (Whether or not this technique is effective, or just an old wives tale, or even a natural remedy, I don't know, as I've never tried it myself.) You might also want to try Gas-X.

    I've even heard of underwear designed with 'odor eaters' or chemicals in the seat fabric just to combat this if you let one rip....unintentionally. (Call it 'Flatulence Insurance.) A 'safety net' if ever I heard of one. Don't believe me? Check this out...

    (And it's not as far-fetched as you might think.)

    Yoga pants are now routinely infused with 'anti-stink' chemicals and technologies. So when someone is in the 'downward dog' position directly in front of your nose, you really appreciate that fact.

    Farting, or flatulence if you will, seems to be mainly a dietary issue. So watching what you eat seems to be the best prescription. Paying a particular attention to foods
    and drinks that lead to gas, and cutting back on them. (Especially when you have to go out in public.) We really appreciate it. (Farting may get a bad rap, but there's a
    recent case of a guy who won a grappling match by holding his opponent in a position, and farting in his face until submission. So it CAN come in handy.)

    So.....is there an actual CURE for farting? Well, there's one possibility. Check this out:


    (If the link is not live, copy and paste it into your browser.)

    Covering Them Nose After A Bad Smell Stock Photo
    By David Castillo Dominici, published on 06 November 2012
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