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    Posted March 31, 2014 by
    Miami, Florida

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    Weather You A Rock Star or Super Star Sales is Essential

    More than 500,000 businesses start each year with the hopes of becoming successful and yet the foundation for success is dependent on relationships with customers. Jordan Stupar of Cardone Training Technologies in Miami has been in sales for the most of his life. From door to door to in person he knows the difference between contact and contract is the “R” which stands for relationships. Working side by side with the owner of what I consider the greatest sales organization in the world he knows the underlying fear many individuals have about picking up the phone and following up.

    In today’s economy where businesses are competing for brand recognition and consumer consumption it’s important to get your name out and be known for providing an incredible experience while adding extreme value regardless of the price. According to Stupar price is a myth. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money if you want it bad enough you will find the money no matter what your situation. In the same breathe he says “you can’t sell a Luxury vehicle to someone who only makes $20,000 a year because they won’t be able to make the payments.”

    Consumers are looking for more value at lower prices but experience trumps both. When you provide the best service consumers are going to pay for it no matter what the cost because they value the results the product or service provides. For many decades companies have played the pricing game and while it’s worked for some it’s failed miserably for others putting them out of business. Sales is a game and with the right people backing a quality product consumers are going to buy.

    Jordan’s passion for sales has helped dozens of companies realize it isn’t about the consumers as much as it is about the training provided to the sales people selling to the consumers. Sales is an art and one that very few people perfect. Working within the Cardone organization Stupar has perfected the art of the sale, close, and follow-up and is passionate about helping others do the same. To learn more about Cardone Training Technologies view the more than 1,200 videos available on YouTube under Grant Cardone and when you’re ready to take your sales and business to the next level you know who to call.
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