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    Matt Thibideau - Obsolete Components : AGE OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC


    1. Analog or digital gear?

    Although I prefer to use hardware, I do use a mix of digital and analog gear. These are all in the form of actual instruments instead of plug-ins. I do prefer the interactions and sound quality of using real instruments and that is something that you just can not get with a computer. The analog synths can change in their characteristics day to day based on the temperature and their components. They also allow the ability to cross patch and communicate together over control voltage that inspires me to make sounds I have not been able to get to digitally. On the Other hand digital synthesizers like the Waldorf, PPG Wave, Synclavier and Emulators also offer up sounds that compliment the analog synths.

    2. How to use music as a public activism..

    I often make music based on personal feelings and environments that influence me. Sometimes that may be a political statement, but is often done in less literal way. It is usually done in my band called Repair with our vocalist (Dawn Lewis) but when it is done in my instrumental music, I usually take radio samples and environmental samples that match the message I try to evoke.

    3. Whats the current state of electronic music?

    Electronic music currently is going through a new sort of phase of popularity in North America with the creation of "EDM". I feel this is sort of irrelevant to what I do, which is always a bit more on the experimental side of techno, house, minimalism and ambient.

    There has been a massive explosion of electronic music available online these days on sites like beatport. It has exposed me to some great stuff, however it has also made a lot of lazy producers that rely on presets and sample packs to get their sounds. I always believe in creating my sounds from scratch and I feel that is what will separate producers from the herd.

    4. Where is electronic music heading?

    It is tough for me to say. I always sort of just focus on my ideas and over the last 20 years things have just stylistically gone in and out of fashion.

    The one thing I can say is that there will be more freedom for the artists to do what they want without pressures of record labels. Sites like bandcamp have enabled me to set up my own record label, release what I like and not have people in-between taking from the income of artists.

    5. How has your music making process Changed?

    It hasn't changed that much over the years. I still very much use the synthesizers I got when I was in my teens. Obvious things like switching from using cubase and a dat tape to recording in protools have come along, and with the introduction of the Eurorack modular have taken some of my productions away f rom sequencing in the computer entirely. I have always mixed real mixing boards and don't plan on changing that anytime soon. Really the only things that change are the addition of new Synthesizers and samplers that I have been lucky to find. Where my process has changed is in performing live. There have been many great new portable samplers and synthesizers that have come out that has made my live setup much smaller.

    6. What is the best thing about live gigs?

    Live Gigs have given me the chance to take my music over to Europe, USA and Canada several times to perform and see the world. Those shows have also given me different insight on songs I have produced in the past allowing me to remix them sometimes on newer pieces of equipment. Nothing beats an audience that is dancing or appreciating that work put forth.

    7. Are we living in the age of computer music?

    As much as we really are, (most people have switched to using the computer as their entertainment system to purchase, download and listen to music) I personally prefer to keep my productions done outside of this environment until they are completed. I find that my songs take on a different form when I spend less time looking at a screen and more time diving into my mixes.

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