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    Posted March 31, 2014 by
    San Diego, California

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    Bio-Hacking The Brain, Body & Business

    Jameson Brandon has been bio-hacking the brain, body, and business for more than a decade and knows there is nothing more important than fueling your body to optimize your energy and increase your productivity. Consulting with software companies who gross millions of dollars Jameson knows there’s a distinct difference between those who work out and those who don’t.

    Everyone wants to get more done in less time but very few people actually know how to maximize their productivity and get more out of the activities they choose to engage in. Fueling the body and mind is essential to success and should be a priority. Understanding your body’s needs and listening also helps. Getting enough sleep, working out, eating clean, and focusing on the tasks you don’t want to do first are some tips Jameson says will help you increase your internal drive helping you essentially get more done in less time.

    Never put more than a couple things on your to do list and never put more than you can handle in front of yourself or you’ll get overwhelmed, distracted, and lose focus on the task you need to complete. Many people want to multi-task but the reality is all they are really doing is task switching which leads to more wasted time, effort, energy, and money than just focusing on that “thing” you didn’t want to do but had to get done to begin with.

    Jameson’s bio-hacking secrets have worked for dozens of companies and can work for you to but first you must understand how to apply them and why they work. Once you learn to track your habits and patterns you have a great mirror to look at and analyze which leaves you one of two options to step up and commit or to walk away and quit. To learn more about Jameson visit biohackedceo.com.
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