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    Posted April 1, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    Why I think Hobby Lobby should just stop!


    It bothers me that some people can't see past how wrong this really is, Nobody, not your boss, your pastor, your mom, or dad has control over something as person as your choice to save something like having children for later on in your life, like after you've completed your higher education and have some hope of providing a future for your children.

    Based on some religious folks Hobby Lobby has a right to protest having to pay for birth control, or contraception. How people can side with Hobby Lobby amazes me. It's not about whether God is against it, it's not about Hobby Lobby being against, it is as this article states about labor rights and religious extremism.

    If you think that some man should be injected between you and your relationship which whichever higher power you choose to believe in, or if you choose to believe in nothing but yourself. Nobody, man, woman, or otherwise should be involved in your choices. I disagree with Abortion and that's my right, but I also believe that my feelings about that cannot be forced upon another person as it is not my choice but theirs and with respect to allowing everyone a fair and impartial way to make their own choices regardless of the outcome. I don't think my opinion matters and neither does yours, his, hers, or any bodies.

    This isn't about fair and impartial insurance coverage for all, for all to use at their own discretion as they choose and as they see fit.

    It's about Hobby Lobby believing it can dictate for its employees what they can and cannot do with their insurance. By saying if they don't like it's like saying they have no right to work, no right to support their families and no right to live like free Americans.

    This is America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave... If you feel that the freedom to make your own choices is wrong, perhaps you should thing about moving out of My America.

    This is 2014, Not 1923, not 1957, NOT the dark ages.

    This is no more room for your religious social pressure forcing people to bend to your will and not their own. There is no room for your racism, sexism, freedom ways of exerting your opinion on others because you don't like the choices they make.

    This is NOT YOUR AMERICA, this is "OUR AMERICA".

    What happened to being human?

    I'm human.... are you?
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