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    Posted April 1, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    Communicating through autism

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    Communicating through Aspergers Syndrome/PDD

    When I was three years old, I fell down a flight of stairs somewhere in Wheaton, Maryland.

    I think it was around 1964? Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland stitched up the back of my head, the cut today is almost an inch long.

    I started shaving my head and not too long ago I felt something strange and I discovered something the doctors missed 40 years ago. It appears, rather apparently that I have a fractured skull. I am truly lucky to be alive.

    I don't know know how or why it was missed, maybe they didn't check, maybe they didn't X-ray, I don't know where X-ray technology was back in 1964. I do know I have never ever had anything happen to me that would explain the crack that begins about one inch above me left ear going straight up, curving over the top and then in an arch shape from left to right across the top of my skull.

    You can imagine that I am quite shocked and horrified as I do recall some instances where had I been injured in that area of my head, I would not be here to talk about this today.

    If it wasn't missed than was it the choice of some doctor who knew that nothing could be done about the fracture and decided to not worry my mother to death, who probably didn't have such a great command of the English language since she had arrived in the United States around 1959.

    Anything is possible, I don't know if I could sue somebody for this but at this point what would that matter?

    My mother told me that before the fall I had started crying and she could not figure out why and what was causing it.

    I have Aspergers Syndrome!

    I am one of millions of Americans who have an undiscovered, undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder.

    I have yet to be formally evaluated but I am pretty certain that I am accurate about this.

    My aspergers syndrome made me a savant and the product of that savantism is all of the articles I have written here on CNNs iReport site.

    I suffered through a great many behavioral disorders including this what is now classified as a Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

    I almost died because of the horrible uncontrollable lifestyle I was living, eating all kinds of junk foods over eating and having no control what so ever over what I was doing to myself.

    On top of my obesity problem, my type II diabetes, back, neck, knee among other things, problems.

    I learned that for what was some 45+/- years I had an allergy and I was never aware of that allergy.

    I discovered that everybody in the U.S. and as a matter of fact the entire world is without any doubt 100% ALLERGIC to all of those toxic chemical based additives like the FD&C and D&C food, drug and cosmetic dyes, wood based coal tar flavorings, and some very nasty preservatives. There is not a single person on the entire planet that can not be sick and be harmed by the additives.

    All of what I learned lead me to conclude that the artificial additives and the vaccines that contain some of the same preservatives as the food additives are in fact the true cause of Autism Alzheimer's, CP, MS, MD, Epilepsy and so much more.

    My iReports are all about Autism and everything else that you can imagine. Honestly the additives are the single reason there are so many sick people, I was sick all the time I weighed 500, or more pounds and my life was a train wreck.

    Today I weigh about 215, my type II diabetes appears to be gone and I started making eye contact with people which I discovered was something that I never used to do.

    When I adopted an organic and natural diet and lifestyle.... everything changed.

    My iReports are only meant to help everyone. In every walk of life in every part of your world and mine.

    Please come read more and see what you can do to change your life and the life of some autistic child, or adult.

    This helps even if you don't have autism, in fact if you suffer from PTSD, Depression, Bipolar or anything else.

    Adopting the same organic and natural diet and lifestyle will those all those behavioral disorders and if you let me.

    I will change your life!
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