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    Posted March 31, 2014 by
    Singapore, Singapore

    How to choose a reliable childcare centre in Singapore?


    In Singapore, we are unlike many other nations, where our children are mainly from families where both parents are working. Very often, parents have got to look for alternatives to care for their little ones while they are at work. As parents become more sophisticated, they are also more aware of the benefits of a good early childhood education for their children. It is however, not easy to find an ideal childcare centre for your children. Below are some tips/guidelines on how to choose a reliable, good and trustworthy childcare centre.


    A good childcare centre should score high on the following factors :

    -         Hygiene and nutrition

    -         Curriculum and approach

    -         Teachers

    -         Parents' Involvement

    -         Facilities and materials



    1. Hygiene and Nutrition in the Child Care Center

    A good childcare center will conduct sanitization of the school as well as to ensure good hygiene practices among children and staff. For example, the teacher on duty should ensure that the children wash their hands before and after meals. The children hands should be sanitized regularly too. This is to prevent diseases such as Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD), Chicken Pox or other contagious diseases.Upon arrival at the child care center each day, the children should have their hands, feet and mouth checked, temperature should be taken and hands should be sanitized.     In a full-day program, children take at least one meal and two teas in school. Parents should review the menu to ensure that, it is one that caters to the children's needs and planned as according to the guidelines set out by the Health Promotion Board (HPB).


    2. Curriculum and Approach applied in the Childcare Centre

    This is an important element as parents need to be assured that their children be appropriately prepared for primary school education and life. The curriculum provided in the childcare centre should be holistic. It should allow the children to develop their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. Activities in the classroom should be engaging and interesting. They should set the children thinking and verbalizing and discussing their thoughts with their teachers. Teachers should deliver the lessons in an integrated manner. Parents should ask themselves if the approach applied in the childcare centre, is one that suits their children.


    3. Teachers of the childcare centre

    For a good early childhood education, teachers need to be caring and loving. A quality childcare centre will employ teachers who are also qualified. Early childhood educators are professionals. They go through extensive studies and follow research in the field to improve themselves continuously. Good teachers understand why children cry. Good teachers understand how to manage the children's challenging behaviours. Teachers of a childcare centre will motivate and encourage the children. Children will be happier walking into the childcare centre when they know that there are caring and competent teachers behind the door.


    4. Parents' Involvement in the childcare centre A good childcare centre is one that is transparent with the parents. A good childcare centre will encourage parents to be in the centre and be involved in the daily activities. Parents are the children's first teachers and they should be well informed of the happenings in school.Over at Ameba Schoolhouse, we believe that parents play a very important role in the child's development and we want the parents to be a part of our family. We emphasize on the 3 Cs – Communication, Collaboration and Co-operation.


    5. Facilities and materials Facilities and materials that are made available in the childcare center is also an important element. Do the children have a comfortable space to play, learn and rest? Do they have the space to move around freely? Are the beds provided on good quality and clean? To aid in the creativity of children, ample materials should be provided for the children. Are there sufficient furniture for the children in the child care centre?


    When parents find a childcare centre that scores high on the above factors, they can be assured that every cent of their money is well spent and their little ones can benefit from the early childhood education being provided.

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