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    Posted April 1, 2014 by

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    How Russian secret services finance the Hungarian nationalists

    By our correspondents some inside information was obtained from Romanian secret service who fixes nowadays substantial activation of activity of their Russian colleagues in Hungarian and Slovakian directions.
    It became known, in particular, that agents of foreign intelligence service of Russian Federation, who work under umbrella of embassy of Russian Federation in Budapest, have conducted during last week a set of meetings with representatives of radical right-wing party Jobbik Marton Dendeshi, Bela Kovacs and Istvan Szavay. As a result, Russian intelligence agents gave to them 13 million Euro in cash for essentially negative campaign. The main condition of such an investment was to provide the Hungarian mass media with growing anti-Ukrainian speechcraft and secessionist moods on territory of Transcarpathia. At the same time Russian agents have even conferred to their Hungarian friends the theses in order to inform community through Hungarian newspapers. Some of them were given to our editorial office, but it’s enough to understand, in what way Russians act on territory of our neighbors:

    Kosovo is international precedent that set up law base for disconnection of the Crimea from Ukraine;
    actions of Russia concerning annexation of the Crimea must be used by other countries of Europe, especially by Poland, Hungary and Romania as the example of consolidation of nation;
    the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was strangled not by Soviet Union, but by the Ukrainian Khrushchev;
    the alternative to Russian gas is only US shale gas, or gas from Iran, which procurement conditions for Europe are much worse than from Russia;
    self-determination of nations is more important than preservation of territorial integrity of Ukraine;
    the territory of Ukraine as the state is artificial created and has no historical grounds;
    Hungarian and Rusyn community of Transcarpathia must announce the referendum concerning disconnection from Ukraine;
    by results of referendum in Transcarpathia independent trans-Carpathian state must be created and named trans-Carpathian Rus without connection with any other states;
    Transcarpathia has never been Ukrainian land that makes legal reasons for its disconnection;
    joining of Ukraine the EU means that 10-15 million unemployed Ukrainians will gush out on the EU-labour-market, so it will have disastrous effect for whole European Union.

    So, it’s very interesting, how Russian intelligence inclines Hungarians against us – Romanians – and what theses will be used for creation of information backdrop in order to connect Transdniestria with the Mother – Russia. If only our security services have an answer, but they keep silent…
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