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    In Search of The Best Paleo Cookbook


    The Paleo diet is without a doubt the most talked about diet of our time. Every day, many people decide to go Paleo for one reason or another. But how to go Paleo, is the question.


    There really is no ultimate authority for the Paleo diet. You dont have to join a club or organization to become a Paleo dieter. There is no real guru to learn from. The Paleo diet is for the most part a self help program that you practice in your own kitchen. Of course there are guidelines, but even those are not crystal clear. Some Paleo people eat dairy, while others do not. One thing is clear however, that the Paleo diet does not include grains. This is the backbone of the Paleo diet. For it is grains and processed carbs that are making us fat and unhealthy. Much of the latest research seems to be backing that up.


    At some point, however everyone interested in going Paleo will want the best Paleo cookbook. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that to begin the diet, you will need a Paleo food list, meal plans , and other tools. The second reason is variety. Most people starting Paleo will begin to want more variety in their meals. They will look for Paleo breakfast recipes, Paleo dinners, and even Paleo fast food and Paleo party foods.


    There are at this time hundreds of Paleo Books available both at your local bookstore as well as online. With all these choices, it may not be easy to pick the best Paleo Cookbook.


    If you are looking for the science behind the diet, you will probably want to read a book by Robb Wolf. Robb is a research biochemist turned ultimate fitness coach. He is also a very effective writer and his books are easy to read and very informative. If this is the side of Paleo you are interested in, you will probably want to readThe Paleo Solution:The Orignal Human Diet


    If you are fairly experienced in Paleo and looking for the tastiest recipes, you may consider Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan, David Humphreys and Kathleen Shannon, the best Paleo cookbook. Well Fed, and Well Fed 2 are super crowd pleasing books noted for its beautiful photography and truly delicious recipes. Its actually difficult to find a Paleo person that does not like these books.


    There are also a growing number of online books on Paleo. Many of these types of books are extremely popular because they try to add something more than just recipes. Many try to be a guide to the Paleo lifestyle as well a guide to preparing delicious Paleo foods. A good example of this and a candidate for the best Paleo Cookbook, is Paleohacks Cookbook.

    Paleohacks Cookbook may be the best Paleo cookbook for the Paleo beginner. Its mission is to walk you step by step into creating delicious Paleo meals. It includes five bonus books on important Paleo subjects, incudes a food list and Paleo meal plans, and you are even able to get support from the members of Paleohacks, the worlds largest Paleo community.


    Paleo is not without its share of controversy but its hard to argue with its results. The good news is, Paleo is not a starvation diet by any means. and you get to eat well and often with Paleo. There are many other diets that are in essence, Paleo. It may have a different name and a few differences here and there, but many modern diets share the Paleo view on the foods that make us overweight and unhealthy. In this respect, whatever its called, I believe Paleo will be around in one form or another for a very long time.

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