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    Posted April 2, 2014 by
    Kansas City, Missouri

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    Coffee Filters: Going Beyond The Daily Grind


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    Sometimes in moments of extreme boredom or just a severe case of daydreaming, my mind ends up in vast wastelands of offbeat nonsense.. This morning was a great example; while still in bed, I found myself trying to think of new uses for coffee filters..


    For a long time, I have used the filters to cover foods in the microwave (especially good for a small bowl of something I'm heating). I also use them as a serving bowl for loose snacks like popcorn or peanuts when watching television. (yes, I live alone). This morning I wondered if they would be good for lining flowerpots to prevent soil from escaping through the drain holes in the pot. At the time, I was sure I was nothing more than a pathetic crazy man with nothing better to do than dream of new applications for a mundane accessory of everyday life in this modern world.


    To find out if I'm the only person with an odd brain, I decided to search the internet for other uses of these things. Here are some creative ideas I found:


    * Use coffee filters to clean glass or mirrors (they are lint-free).
    * Poke a small hole in one and slip over a popcicle stick to prevent messy drips.
    * Use a balled up filter to apply shoe polish.
    * Ever have a cork fall apart when opening a bottle of wine? Pour the wine through a coffee filter to remove the little cork pieces.
    * Out of dryer sheets for your laundry? Pour a little fabric softener on a coffee filter, rub the sides together and add to the dryer.
    * Use them for kids' craft projects (many ideas can be found online).
    * Use the filters in a bra to prevent chaffing (I can't vouch for that one).
    * Use them to blot razor nicks.
    * Wrap around tacos, hotdogs or other messy hand-held foods.
    * They are great for absorbing grease from french fries, or filtering frying oil for re-use.
    * Wrap delicate Christmas ornaments for storing.
    * Place filters between fine china plates and saucers to prevent scratching.
    * Place in cast iron skillets to absorb moisture and help prevent rust during storage.
    * Put baking soda into filters and place into shoes to absorb odors.
    * Cover the flash of a camera with a coffee filter to diffuse the glare of a flash for a close-up photo.


    I'm sure there are even more ways to use these things, but I'm getting bored again, and think I'll go now and use a filter to.. actually make a pot of coffee before my mind ends up in another strange place...

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