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    Posted April 2, 2014 by
    Vienna, Austria
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    MH370 CARGO

    What Cargo was really on this flight?
    Have we really looked at other possible flight paths this plane could have taken?
    Why would this flight change in the direction of a place that there is nothing?
    So much infomation has not been shared about this flight!!!
    Now i dont know this 100% but i had heard there was a unmanifested cargo of an undisclosed amount of GOLD BAR on this flight heading to China!
    Is this true?
    If so then next we have to look at the two Iranian men that boarded this flight with stolen passports!
    when you look at the possibillity that this plane had enough fuel to land in Iran,Iraq,Pakistan or Afganestan and could do this without being located!
    I know the experts say that the plane went down in the middle of nowhere but where is the hard evidence of this?
    The next Question is why with all the technology we have in this day and age, did the authorities not search for any possible transmissions from any of the 200+ passengers mobile phones,laptops that may have been activated during the first few days?
    Ok this is just another therory but do we really know if the investigators have asked all the right questions or looked at every possible therory? "i think not"
    Maybe certain goverments already know where MH370 is!
    Do the Math, make your own opinion heard!!!
    My thoughts are with the familys of MH370 and hope in my heart all are still alive.
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