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    How To Activate Windows 8


    Installation of brand new software can be quite a pain if you are a technophobe who just wants the end benefits of new software minus all of the techno mumbo-jumbo. (Read: someone who just wants to know that the car starts, and doesn't particularly care what's going on under the hood). You could live quite a comfortable life without ever having to see a command prompt.


    Unfortunately, using the command prompt will be a part of the activation process. (But it's nothing so major that you can't handle).


    Special Notes:- Scan the file before downloading it to your computer. Make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date before doing so. Also, if during the command prompt phase of the activation, you find that it doesn't work by inputting a lower case ('y'), then try capitalizing it ('Y'). (Some people have had this problem, but this usually takes care of it).


    Also, know that your computer will reboot after a successful activation, so make sure you are not working on anything while you are doing this. Save your work THEN activate Windows 8.


    You will have to run this as 'administrator', so this should be a computer that you own to install and activate the file. Make sure to read the 'READ ME' document included in the download for further instructions.


    This activator was released as of 26th, December, 2012, and is believed to be the latest. (Check the Microsoft website for a later version). I am familiar with the Windows 8 Enterprise activation, which this document references. The Pro edition may require additional instruction which you can Google to find out about. (Or just visit the Microsoft website for more information). It's possible that this may work for all versions of
    Windows 8.


    Both the mac and pc versions are included in the download file.


    If you had any problems trying to activate Windows 8 before this, you may need to remove any other acivators for Windows 8 that you've tried BEFORE using this one.


    You can download the activation file (for both mac and pc) here:-


    After downloading the file, (preferably to your desktop to easily find it), double click the icon to open/extract it's contents.


    A small rectangular interface will then appear on your screen. Click 'Windows 8 Install' to begin the activation. Your computer will more than likely restart, showing a command prompt screen. Type capital 'Y' at the prompt to continue with the activation.


    You may need to wait a few minutes as the system is doing it's thing as indicated by the 'Working. Please Wait' notice.


    Once the activation has been completed, a 'Product activated successfully dialog box pops up. Click 'OK'. Another message dialog states that 'The Machine Is Permanently Activated'. The system then reboots after a 10 second countdown.
    If all is as it should be, Windows 8 has been successfully activated on your machine. Congratulations. If not, check above to the special notes section of this document to see if they can assist you. But at the end of the day, the Microsoft website is the best place to get assistance for Windows related issues.


    Also, once rebooted for the second time during the activation process, open 'Fix Personalization' to customize to your liking, and reboot again for the changes to take effect.


    People by this point may be wondering if their Windows 7 installation will be negatively impacted, or even uninstalled during this activation.


    It should continue to work as usual. Also, your system should continue to function normally as well.


    Most people that try this activation have not had a problem with it.


    If you found the above information to your liking, the links below will be interesting to you. (Copy and paste them into your browser if they are not live.).....










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