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    Posted April 2, 2014 by
    United Kingdom

    Breast Cancer Charities Where is the money Going!


    Being a triple negative breast cancer survivor of one year & looking to go forward with my care after gone through chemotherapy a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. After my treatment had finish being told I was a BRCA1 carrier now facing a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy which will be difficult due to radiotherapy as reconstruction goes! or have a yearly MRI scans recommended to me by my oncologist. Now the MRI scans seem simple enough but I have to say this was the most horrific experience out of all my treatments as it was like a barbaric torture laying face down in a tube for 45mins not been able to move an inch! the noise deafening like the road digger right beside you, and the most claustrophobic thing I have ever gone through extremely traumatizing and apparently I am not the only person to feel like this with most women wanting to be sedated before there have to undertake this scan. so I decided to do my own research to see if there was a better way of screening for breast cancer as the stress of doing this every year surely is not good for you. Yes there is a Siemens MRI scanner called Magnetom Espree Pink especially designed for detecting Breast cancer an open bore meaning less claustrophobic and less noisy! and will detect even the smallest of breast cancer so less deaths with quicker treatment. I am shocked that with all the money that is being donated every year to breast cancer charities running into millions that we as a nation has not invested into a least one of these MRI scanner for Breast Cancer. Siemens developed this MRI Scanner more than five years ago! and of course the USA have them. So If we want to save lives the big question is why has no one invested in one of these Espree Pink MRI Scanners, I beg people of Britain to ask exactly where the money they have been raising over the years is being spent Because as a Breast cancer victim I certainly can't see where the money is being going. I was given no support going through my treatment other than the drugs that were given. No nutritional advice or counselling for me or my family we were just left to fend for ourselves not even a breast care nurse as my hospital only had one lady and she was on maternity leave and they didn't have anyone to cover her. Now surely with breast cancer on the rise every year we as a nation should be doing everything possible to help the women & men going through their treatment today with the new technology out there and not being invested in.

    By Stella Walsh

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