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    Beer: (The things you should look for when Tasting Beer & Lager)


    Beer - When tasting a beer or lager, you do not just swallow it down, burp and say "it's nice" or "it's horrible." And, although tasting is down to the individual, there are a number of steps, which followed correctly, will raise your beer & lager tasting to another level.



    You should always take a break and analyze its magnificence before you taste it. Lift and hold a beer in front of you, however, don't hold your beer or lager up to direct or bright light as this will alter its original color. You should then describe its appearance, its head and its thickness.


    You should also, Swirl or stir your beer, lightly in a cup. This will release the hidden smells, the slight change in color, loosen & awaken the carbonation and also, test the head retention.
    Analyze Smell


    It is said that90-95% of what people feel is via the sense of smell. Take a Breath two quick sniffs thru your nose, and then try with your mouth open, and then via your mouth only (the nose & mouth are joined in their experience). Then let the olfaction guide you. Stir again if required, and make sure you are in an area that has n, extra strong smells. Then you can enjoy its fragrance.

    Analyze Taste

    Now take a sip on the beer. However, hold back from swallowing straight away. You should let it move around and explore your entire mouth. Always let your taste buds work for you, as they speak. Also be aware of the mouth texture, the overall consistency of the fluid body, plus, always breathe out during and throughout the entire process of tasting analyses. The procedure of breathing is referred to as, “retro-olfaction" and will let loose the retained stimulations in the liquid and mouth texture level, but at a much hotter temperature.


    Also, sometimes, this will be similar to the overall olfactory procedure if not notably different, plus complimentary. Always try to find any, extra salty flavors, acids and sweet tastes, plus general harsh flavors. Then identify what they are, or what you can compare them to.


    Plus, try tasting the Beer or Lager after the temperature rises a bit, (just a small amount remember). You should also bear in mind that very Cold beer or lager tends to hide a lot of the flavors. Also, as the beer or lager heats up, its true flavors will be apparent and then become more pronounced.

    Now you know what to look for when tasting Beer or Lager, it’s time to enjoy the experience! There is also more information available for beer and lager tasking, you can check out by taking a look at the Beer or Lager tasting hub.

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