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    Utopia of innocence is a stand against government. Living in fear; our government has set in minds. We go through the motions putting our ambitions and fates in the hands of a crucial make believe friend. We always question; when in our minds, the answer is already present. We reap what we sow, lost in thought; buried beneath a richer soul. Like an oceans defiance of the shore; conveying through the media an intrinsic message controlling us in mind, comply with promise of bankroll and the bottom line. Now as my story unfolds; words into play, actions we never seen, for govern blindness falls to our knees. Putting hands together; brace a manacles gesture. A prudent sense of mind can be defined. Judge somebody without the bias opinion of historical lectures. As action begins to speak louder than amendment words can fathom. Each observation should be deducted, for the truth behind behavior never lies.
    The family of four, an American norm. Statistical conclusion bleeds red; for numbers put us in a quandary. Between what societies chooses is right and wrong. However, words speak the mind and leads to action, consequently; here we go. A story of worth that falters down in hind’s sight. A synapse stream will awaken our eyes, to a truth we wish not to believe for fear of the unknown can we survive.
    It was the year 1983. A women by the name, Giai Cleopatra Ora; fought for the humanity’s democratic party of Afghanistan. Low latent inhibition; the world her play pin. She never married or created a child. Her desire was to change the world before bringing anyone else into it. Since she was 14 she began to realize she was not like the many; she could empathize and convey actions in a compassionate nature. A gift of this power to a woman falls upon deaf ears. She was orphaned which made her liked by many, loved by none. Never was fostered and still had the confidence to finish school. Which a women in Afghanistan, that’s a feat within itself. Always loved to write and thought words could lead to actions of a better life, not for just her; for humanity. As months became years; as we see even here in the States. The power of the people only can protest for government will find its way to rationalize a defeat. She would stubble upon fate that will be filled with great and unfortunate triumphs. The unexplained path to be the chosen one, rest in a shooting star of the star spangled banner though it’s not what you may presume. One stormy night she found her self alone with false hope. A lead on a story; a journalisms cope. Lost in translation the story was a joke. Wondering around the village; searching for answers. Graphing out the satire moonlight. A man approaches who she has never laid eyes on before. His name was Lord Stanlee Jon Wycliffe; He asked her if she was of a civilian she did not reply. He then proceeded to approach her as she just smiled simultaneously her latent inhibition she started to observed the man and found him to be a man of money and power. With a heir about him not pleasing to one’s thoughts.. With that prudent state of mind she can predict further action. She uses logical defense until this man offered her something she could not refuse; a chance to be heard. Like shadows covering cloaks, she would lower her guard. Luminary the skies plays games, deceiving upon listening ears, rearranging the indefinite reason. Into the pram he said with a grin, she obliged with hesitance as she noticed marks on his arm and with his superior demeanor concluded to be a drug dealer by the gesture. Yet, she still cohered; for thoughts filled with “freedom of speech” lingering in a prudent sense. As time will tell manipulated and deceived she was; arising from pride and arrogance a mongst the common man. Among them was Lord Stanlee who forced himself onto her in lust of power and avarice. Covering it up as promise of more liquor and wine, he screamed, “to take the goddess out of the enchantress hag, copulation would seed the aberration and light from darkness will arise again.” Slavery to cold, connive to complacency; follow conversion therapy of and unborn child of a god like purity. Nine months has passed Stockholm syndrome would relapse though perception is ever last. On the fourth day of July was born a symbol of Dystopia, John Casor Wycliffe as the mother was sentence to life imprisoned for only a trickle of nurture from her breast. As if it was the last of innocence before opium would be enchanted by euphoria’s aphrodisiac. The rest delving for a superior knowledge when in fact it is just for fame as followers will do the same. Days would turn into déjà vu, her mind in a state of coherence; body weakens commencing malnutrition as the addiction drains what is left. John was becoming the voice of the people with skeletons in his closet as a map to his dictatorship approach. For the people of a solitary mind, a prudent manipulative action; weakened and obeyed by words we are defined. They start to double think young Giai who symbolize a “negative utopia” with the people’s fear and flight complacency from a pure child’s wealth. She in a state of erratic behavior that becomes rational to her for the drug becomes more powerful than the cognitive forethought. Yet, the mind we don’t really understand as our greatest phobia’s originate from; she would still somehow flight to fight. Like a firework on the fourth of July, synapse would awaken her to a lowered inhibition ; a state of calming macro stimulation into a clairvoyant synopsizing puzzle to understand him from a forensic pathology stand point. Watching mannerisms, tone of voice, vocabulary, objects in the room. She knew this baby was a centerfold for his plan to convey to the people of Afghanistan for a “renovatio” interrelated with the destruction of the red white and blue. As the days would fall in a domino effect; Caesaroin anarchy the big dealers of opium underground. They would grow to a great profit in currency through an international connection; using the silk route for transporting heroin to the United States. Ora was struggling to hold on to herself; in mind. Needing more and more heroin for the overwhelming mind & body pleasured torture. John knowing her need for beautification as set forth ambition and purity in his followers eyes. To have her in control of his purpose; Like a challenge coin, desperate to survive. She began an escape plan the founded once the shackles were off, as an audience for this occasion is a vital peace to his totalitarian scheme. Showing total control of darkness; with no restriction upon her skin. With this she will induce him as sick and weak. She thought she would never leave her son behind. Prudent thought increases her chances of survival and the destruction of the Caesarion Anarchy cartel. To stop profit which in turn, builds bombs; which has a negative outcome on both sides of the world. July 9th 2023; revelation bearing the mark he distilled in my child’s casing at birth healed to a purpose of a fetus birthed from Giai son of our Dyaus Pita. In this moment she felt weak to her knees…. A punch like motion she could feel her muscles taking the toll. Outside her touch calming suppressed; a smile to numbness revealing a twin hindering from the due date opened through the womb. Her plan comes to a halt for new factors were here all along. What if John knew or what if I were still to be perceived on. Quickly her eyes focused everything still could work no pray. Hours felt like minutes anticipating this night. Now with another child she was certain fate wants her to fight. Everything on track the clock strikes near; as fear sets in overwhelmed by my adrenaline rush. After the speech she patiently sought the time perfectly as her distinct observation only a few inherit she knew the right satire to flee unnoticed. Enough time to reach the concealed excavate that John built as an ambush retreat. It led to a valley where a two passenger helicopter laid dormant for many months after the child was born. John and her; when he would make his deals with the hidden society of the United States. So secretive that John would bring Giai along for he noticed her ability to observe an individual and determine prudent action based on mannerisms, clothing, language tone as well as linguistics of pattern in speech. Her ability was quit outstanding. She was like a slave and carried on loyally to his wishes for her sake as well as the child’s. Once the infant was born John stayed in Afghanistan for most of the time; for she told him their words spoke of trust but knew the United States were not to be trusted. Yet little did she know that that piece of information would stimulate a connection in his mind of war and destruction in the land of the free. Which brings us back to the present time.. she knew it was now or never. As she grabbed supplies gravitating to stimulating objects that her knowledge focuses on to set fourth her rescue/escape, dehydration, transportation correlated into means to survive. One might wonder, a women so high in mind; in control? Her blood was a type unknown but to her knowledge an antidote that her DNA could map out the opium triggers and flush the addiction mind/body control this drug details. This could bring fourth and epidemic that could cure heroin addiction. I digress, for the escape was stealth in plan. The WTO connections of trade through out the world had a hidden transport that I mentioned earlier called the silk route. Once the shipment started to make there way to the homeland, John’s helicopter would not be of notice she knew dazed and confused would give her enough time to reach the United states embassy. With all in line Stockholm syndrome in mind she asked permission and from good behavior he obliged. A covert wellbeing tunnel John and close associates made she seduced him to compliancy and they entered the tunnel to flee for staying in one place to long other may be seen. He followers her down and at the last step she turns reaching around a syringe; heroin OD cc stabbing him in the neck like a paraplegic his body gave way. She then threw a grenade like cover filled with simulated cloud which she invented to stall frequency from media obligation and exploiting our cause. This device has a combustion with and indirect cooling process chamber that result in a cloud formation. Just as clouds are formed when colder temperatures enclose water vapor and dust molecules. The secondary charge of a micro burst that, like a synapse attaches to other energy sources resulting in a current halt. The specific dust adhesive latches onto to a charge. Briefly eradicating the energy flow. Shutting down lights, and cameras so actions can speak louder than media’s words.
    Aviator of knowledge she runs to the door. Helicopter in flight bound by drugs and abuse no more. Worried of unnoticed approaching destination were she conveyed a message in mores code that would get her known. A flare in the air represented the trust foreseen. She landed near an old navy base were she would meet the man who fought for her arrival when others condoned. Her concerned first was the unborn child. They quickly made there way from the helicopter to the infirmary. A C section was performed to a new born baby alike her emotions torn knowing there is darkness ready to cover the light. Safe and secure rested for the year passed weighed heavily almost like an anchor to the ground. Her mind and body needed rest; yet wasting no time a general superior to John Casor the man who intercepted the message and therefore gave her hope. The General stubborn minded need to get details upon the action of the cartel; yet seemed cohere to the company which drew suspicion in his mind. Trust their actions, observe there words he came to a conclusion that would indeed change the world. The United States waves the flag, like smoke signals; I can’t grasp but I know the truth within. On this day the Bermuda triangle essence exist among terrorist, the U.S. and us. An army will be risen segregated from the United States. Covert missions Gia and Joe would be admissive in interrogation so they are seen as part of the social norm; follow the leader govern media has us in fear. Reverse psychology simple in term; question after question the governments military gets the information they needed to hear. A War will stroke at midnight we take flight world wars seem ruthless when it’s about the power we fight. As both side start to campaign for followers of there cause a secret society builds strong. Gia and Joe both mind before muscle intimidation that sets a foundation for a world to grow. They knew being covert was going to be easily disguised for when America is in fear everything said is believed by societies ear. There focus will be on terrorist losing focus of our inner fight of the heroin addiction and the manipulations of the red blue and white. Though many will follow as many will shelter in fear. A few will come together covert in progress overt over the years. One quote that fuels our cause is by a man named Edmunde Burke,’ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” If you need not ask what that means along you will come to fight for what this world really needs. Joe has many connections that will help aid there cause. With the compassion and knowledge of Gia this small regime maybe just be the stand society has been looking for hovered by laws. We began to gather in Multnomah falls. Secluded and well preserved a symbol needed in a time of reserve. Survival for the followers was first in our hands. Before we could make a stand we need a strong mind/body regime that both Joe and Gia new first hand. They had the perfect location thus to cover any evidence of their cause. Dehydration was not a factor as was neither shelter or rules they wrote on rock of walls. Yet these rules were not as enforcing as police justice would set fourth. It was rules of segregation and coming together for the benefit of the economy as seen by the government falls raising crime rates to alter another domestic war. Many of the followers were part of a secret society using forensic pathology and victimology to in a sense control but not in the definition it is today more of a subtle approach that benefits in a larger way. These practices were the centerfold to unfolding a map of a whole new world. Such as nanovex to the inner cell; transition with a world not under a president but govern by the understanding of humanity and not the outer action we enforce. A vendetta for justice most politicians would see otherwise. The power of the people, the ones with a heart that can reflect a thought and refract a dawn of a new light to a world we only wish to see from the one that we were made amaurotic perceive. To make a wave you need a point break. For the shores to changes enough push must give way. For an addict of heroin the drug alters the mind/body. Receptors become inherent to the response of the drugs power reply. Gia have a blood type we knew could cure and reverse this psychosomatic out of insane. Yet also knew this was more than a cure from drugs pain but from the worlds view on addict regime. Sick and weak, no obeisance in thought; no discipline like a drink? Legally we see the reasoning without seeing the full picture like the ocean so deep we only know what we can puncture for the fear of the unknown. This gave of hope it would not just be a change in their lives a cure about a renovatio translated in Latin “rebirth.” Tell me the fight within won’t help our cause? Destruction is a power word but we live in world that feeds off of chaos. Underground word spread like wild fire, more than we thought but what number is enough. Police force and military are in a fight all their own yet once the word treason lingers apart from the world they will fight as home. Pride is a crutch of the insecure one once said and here you’ll see it full force to embellish loss of power within homeland. The process will take many years so the aftermath will be hard to project. The war already has started but to the two parties they are unknown to what comes next. It does not ake many only words of reason with a heart of action. To clear the heroin traffic, ultimately stopping funding for terrorist action. The one fear that our government leans on to for us to follow under there protection. It feels good just to hear this said and if we fight and nothings prevails…I believe a motion will start others will prevail.
    Twenty years has passed. World war three has judgment day looking like a relief camp in present day. You may wonder what comes of our army we set fourth. Like I said we knew it was not going to be a fight we could come fourth over night. We have many on our side the cure has worked still underground for the cause would have been not of worth. The life we see now in the age 2033 is still empowered by our governed police and the military over seas. Though we see to have loss as much as we gained a reflection seen on the other side of this firing reign. Many wars have been fought resembling the same destruction as seen through the eyes of Alexander the great destroying what he sees building what he owns. Opposed to Genghis Khan same tactic but left rubble no structure to control. I chose not to go into detail of the war between the two, foreseen the aftermath we live in such attire, striped down from any shame we look up to a president in power. Now my story can begin, had you for a minute; but fifteen minutes of fame is all we ever looked to win. The rise of light from darkness never seen. Forensic pathology not just words but I have a dream. Set fourth on this night to the skies we scream come hell under water; that’s were we will strike. The fear of the unknown is the best scheme. While world war fight for domination of rights. Freedom will rain and a new order will unite.
    Mores code set fourth a triumph of war using mind over matter; what life is worth. Gia invention to escape from Afghanistan projected into years of building a device that will not only cloud judgment but technology at its primordial powers. We have this device that will detonate an advection fog filling the atmosphere and the world around. A secondary charge Gia and Joe hold a microburst that will interconnect to a frequency. Aftermath notch filters out lowering the capability. Not set in stone just a brief time to be heard. As the fog hovers the world around our mind. Eyes halting in place, to listen; lowers our own hearts pace. For the first time the world comes together as one vision, one mission statement. Many issues this young country still growing up but the epidemic of heroin and the correlation of providing Afghanistan with money for war materials is a first step to a superior America.
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