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    Do you work so hard but you actually do not make enough money, Maybe you are working two or more jobs just to support your family, but it’s never enough.

    I was in your same situation, frustrated, angry, exasperated, and incensed. Reading every possible get rich quick book I could get my hands on. Listening to motivational tapes and trying every MLM business I could find. Spending hundreds of dollars on home businesses.

    Then I Found That Elusive Key

    I found out something wonderful. I realized there is a secret, but it is an Inner Secret. This is the recognition and the realization, upon which manifestation of success and personal power follows. This is the magic key, the magic wand, the magic touchstone, the philosopher’s Stone, which men have sought throughout past ages. This is the universal solvent of the ancient alchemists. This is the ultimate truth which when known, all becomes known. This is that something for which you have been seeking.

    Let me digress, I was driving up the 405 fwy in Los Angeles listening to the news, when a special report from a field reporter was aired. This reporter was in the Airport Hilton at Los Angeles International Airport talking about the appearance of the Hugging Saint, Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi). She was greeting all individuals that showed up to her mini convention. The next exit was Century Blvd and I was so entranced by the interview, I got off at that next exit and drove right into the Airport Hotel parking structure and made my way through the lobby to Amma's suite.

    I got in line with many others who were waiting patiently to see her, and we were instructed to remove our shoes and proceed on our knees. As I approached, the excitement built up and a serene calm surrounded the Hugging Saint.
    Then it was my turn! I approached her on my knees, she sat on the floor in front of me and without saying a word, she hugged me and my mind went blank, any thoughts I had were cleared, my consciousness seemed to freeze and I felt as if I was floating in a cloud. So calm, so relaxed, so filled with life. I remember looking up into Amma's eyes and I could see such purity and wisdom that I knew I was in the presense of God.
    What was only a minute seemed like hours. Then her hug stopped and I was helped up.

    As I left, I felt great energy and wisdom. I made it back to my car and sat there for over two hours just meditating on what happened. I was given an insight as to an inner secret, It was so simple yet so elusive. So easy and so complete. I decided right then and there to write a book so I could share this inner secret with as many friends as I could.

    I studied, mediated and experimented until I perfected this inner secret and had the complete truth about it. And now I can share this inner secret with you. I pray that you will find yours as rewarding as I have with mine and spread this knowledge you will learn with your friends, as giving amplifies the results. More info at http://www.millionairessecret.com

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