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    Posted April 3, 2014 by
    Deer Park, Washington
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    My advice to men like me

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    Having PTSD DOES NOT make you a MURDERER

    So a shooting at Ft' Hood? What is the first question?
    Does he have PTSD? That is offensive and what makes it even more offensive is the fact you think only soldiers have PTSD.

    I have PTSD and I did not get it in war. Yes our soldiers are warriors and they battle everyday to make sure we get rid of evil in this world. That does not make them evil though.

    I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and I own a gun and no I would never take a life. That is not the war I have been through. Hell my life has been hard I will not deny that but it does not mean I would go out and hurt people just because I have PTSD or Depression or Anxiety. Every single day I fight to try and get disability and I have not come out of my home a whole lot because my anxiety ramps up and my PTSD gives me a terrible sadness.

    But to automatically say "Oh he has PTSD. That is not an excuse and it doesn't mean every soldier has PTSD and it doesn't mean all soldiers have PTSD.

    It is also offensive to say that PTSD is a mental illness. No it is a mental sadness. Is it a mental problem? Maybe? But to pigeon hole people and use PTSD as an excuse? That is so offensive.

    Nowadays if you call people the N-word? You get beat on relentlessly. Yeah my PTSD is not fun in fact I have no way to make money. My wife got laid off and I am trapped at home. It makes life hard as hell. That does not give me one excuse to murder people.

    Then to pretty much say that if you are a soldier you have PTSD? Or not even think about those who are not soldiers on a battlefield over the pond. We are soldiers here at home. Yeah are warzone is outside our front door. But because we don't fight for our country we are nothing. A soldiers gets disability for their PTSD. I have epilepsy I could not get into the military so since I have a disability and have to stay here at home I cannot get disability? I battle every single day to survive. I may never work again its been 6 years since my last job? My parents even won $250,000 on the lotto and sure they gave me $10,000. But would help me no more. But they bought their favorite son anything he wanted. He committed suicide right after my first cousin killed himself the same year and I had MRSA the same year that I got from visiting my grandmother in the hospital for a couple weeks. I still cannot get disability.

    Does all that give me the right to go murder someone? HELL NO

    Yeah my life is rough but it does not give me a single right to take another persons life or steal what is not mine.

    Having PTSD does not make you a murderer.

    So if your a man like me? PTSD does not give you a right to take lives. Try hard to make it to the end of your own life and enjoy those around you.

    The little girl in the picture is my life and gives me hope for proper help for those with PTSD and Brain problems. Fight hard men for a better future.
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