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    Posted April 3, 2014 by
    Toronto, Ontario

    The National Benefit Authority: Assisting In Many Ways


    Unbeknownst to most Canadians, the government has established programs to provide assistance to those with disabilities. These programs range in scope and size from tax credits and tax benefits to savings plans and grants and are granted based on eligibility.


    Determining this eligibility and obtaining these benefits can be a complex and oftentimes overwhelming process. Many we spoke to mentioned applying numerous times only to be
    denied with no details as to why. As a result of the bureaucracy, many of these programs are under-utilized while those in need remain under-served.


    Akiva Medjuck found himself in just such a position some years back while struggling to obtain aid for several of his disabled relatives. “I quickly discovered that the process is complex, the instructions confusing, and that even a small mistake can result in a rejected claim.”


    Mr. Medjuck persisted in his endeavors and sought advice from professionals to no avail.


    “No one was able to provide any guidance – not accountants, not doctors, not even Canadian Revenue Agency representatives. I concluded that the legislation was purposefully intended to prevent qualified Canadians from successfully filing applications for aid.”


    It was because of this ordeal that Mr. Medjuck was moved to found the National Benefit Authority (NBA) with the mission of helping Canadians from coast to coast avoid the trials and travails he went through.


    In the four years since its founding, the National Benefit Authority has helped thousands of eligible Canadians receive the benefits they are due. “The process,” Mr. Medjuck says, “is simple but powerful. The first step is to contact one of our dedicated Benefit Specialists for help in identifying the program that fits your specific need. Once that program has been identified, the National Benefit Authority provides helpful translation of the confusing and confounding legal jargon that makes the application process so difficult. In conjunction with that, the NBA offers assistance with the process itself in order to eliminate the simple, yet costly, mistakes that can lead to rejection.”


    For many Canadians, applying for disability benefits is foreign territory; most are first-timers. On the other hand, the NBA has been working at this for a number of years and has accrued vast experience and a unique expertise in the field. They put this experience and expertise to work guiding their customers through what can be a murky and tiresome


    In recent years, the National Benefit Authority’s website has become more than just a place to make contact or gather information about the company; it’s become a place where people with disabilities (and their families) can meet, talk, and learn about issues they have in common. Many disabled Canadians participate in the disabilities forum or learn about developments and share resources on the disability blog.


    “We have dedicated ourselves to the betterment of the disabled community by providing assistance on many levels. Our primary purpose is to assist with program application. But our offerings go beyond the mere monetary. Through our online community, individuals can gain something infinitely more valuable: mental and spiritual support and assistance. Participate in our disabilities forum and you’re part of a community that stretches from Atlantic to Pacific; part of a community of individuals in similar situations. Through this shared experience, individuals can gain the hope they need to cope with what is already a difficult situation. We think that’s worth more than anything money can buy.

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