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    Posted April 3, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Put the Blame Where It Belongs - Voter Apathy


    Some  are crowing and others are bemoaning the ruling by the Supreme Court on  Wednesday which ruled that political contributions cannot be limited to  only a certain number of candidates or campaigns in a two-year election  cycle. The Court left in place the individual cap on the amount that  may be donated to a particular campaign or party across the board.

    Supporters  of the ruling, mostly Republicans, are cheering the outcome as a  victory for free speech. Opponents of the decision, mostly Democrats,  are declaring the death of campaign finance reform and the power of  winning to those with the deepest pockets.

    The  reality is that sadly money has become the deciding factor with most  elections. Sadly those with no vested interest, residence or significant  business in a state are determining the outcome of an election by the  amount of money pouring into candidates.

    But why?

    I say put the blame where it belongs on the shifting of power to those with the most money - apathetic voters.

    One CNN iReporter, PoliceState,  commented following the ruling Wednesday that most voters don't do  their due diligence and reasearch the candidates, but are willing to  sell their vote for a six-pack of beer. It's enough to make one scream,  but PoliceState is right.

    Voters don't care.

    Therein lies the problem and the reason the rich control the outcome.

    Those  with money only have sway when voters are uninformed by choice, vote  only by party by choice, vote simply based on the last sound byte they  heard. The fault lies with the voters giving up control by not being  informed and choosing the best candidate no matter the party or  ideology. Those with money win only when the voters cede that power,  which sadly is what is and has happened.

    Take away the power of money by becoming an informed voter and voting based on knowledge.

    Why  are so many on the left, so many pundits, so many in the media willing  to blame the Supreme Court, blame Republicans, blame everyone, but who  is at fault - the American voters?

    Universal  suffrage was not always a right in the US of A. At the beginning of the  country you had to own property to vote. At one time only men could  vote. At one time only whites could vote. At one time only those over 21  could vote.

    After  all the battles through our history to win the right to vote, most  voters today do not honor those who fought and some even died to gain  that right. Voters would rather vote based on the last sound byte or the  last commercial seen or for what party label is beside someone's name.

    Most  voters choose to disregard, even dishonor, those who championed voters'  rights by either not voting at all or going into the voting booth with  no knowledge of whom they are casting a ballot.

    Is it any wonder we are decrying what is happening in the nation's capitol?

    We have the government we voted for mainly through ignorance or by tuning out and not voting at all.

    From the Cornfield, want to get upset and get mad about the power of money and the control over those elected?

    Look in the mirror.

    Are you an informed voter or guilty of apathy?

    Unfortunately those who visit political opinion sites such as my From the Cornfield blog or those who comment on news sites like CNN's iReport are the ones who will see or read this article. And those are not the ones who are guilty.

    The  guilty, the apathetic voter, will continue on as usual then wonder why  those with big bucks set the agenda. The guilty will never see nor read  this op-ed.

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