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    Axxia English Translations and Pemex English Library

    Axxia English Translations and Pemex English Library have been in business for over 25 years. Since
    1993 to present day, Pemex English Library has over 10,000 technical documents. Review and consult
    with our online Pemex English Library to receive information regarding upcoming bids, clarification
    meetings, awards, updates on NRF, Mexican Laws, and other topics that will assist and guide you to
    be compliant with Pemex technical requirements. If you are interested in bidding, our Cross Reference
    Method will save you money and time. With Axxia Technical translations, we have technical translations
    in multiple languages for the oil and gas industry.

    Furthermore, when you are in need of translations, Axxia provides a 24-48 hour turnaround for any type of large documents needing translations, from proposals to manuals to bids. Axxia, English Inc. also offers a 24-48 hour turnaround for Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Malay, and Russian. It costs only $0.14 per word. The translation rate prices are determined by the language pair, the type of content, the time frame required, and the volume of content that needs translation. Axxia English Translations is confidential and accessible with our unique client review function that allows you to check the translation as it occurs and add any comments, feedback, or change requests that will be applied to the translation. Project managers are always available 24/7 to assist you.

    Pemex was launched in association with the Cantarell project. Pemex English Library is used for
    consultation and dissemination of existing internal regulations of Petroleos Mexicanos and Subsidiary
    Entities, and the main goal is advocating for the accurate meaning, and accelerating technical
    documentation delivery with a download containing over 10,000 technical documents translated into

    With Pemex English Library, not only are there free updates on NRF, NMX, and Nom, etc., 10,000 and
    counting English documents, there is also a new Pemex multi-client databank. With petrochemical, there
    are over 80 new international projects in 2014. With gas and basic petrochemical, there are over 80
    new international projects in 2014. The benefits of the Pemex English Library also include customized
    project presentation PPCR, cost effectiveness, secure FTP, and online downloads of any Pemex technical
    documents. Our international procurement services include PowerPoint presentations for Pemex in
    Spanish, setting up meeting with Pemex key officials in Mexico, English contracts, clarification meetings in English 24 hours after the meeting, as well as bids in English. Contact Pemex Library by email today at info@pemexenglishlibrary.com for an absolutely free consultation.

    We also offer project compliance requirement information. When your company works with Pemex, we
    provide an outlined worksheet and vision for what you will need for documentation in English.
    What makes our companies unique is that we are the only companies to have a multi-client online library.

    We are the the most effective business that has the information translated by engineers who each have a
    comprehensive understanding and command of technical aspects that are then translated into English. Our
    mission is to provide the highest quality translations, product, accuracy, swift turnaround, and best rates available. The prices are standard, and there are no hidden fees. Our companies also participate in donating funds to various causes and orphanages in need throughout India.

    For more information on the Pemex English Library, please visit our website at
    www.pemexenglishlibrary.com. For more information about Axxia Technical Translations, please visit our
    website at www.axxia.us.
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