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    Sacramento, California
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    Losing My Other Half


    After ten years of struggle, I lost my other half, the other half of me. In 2003 I embarked on a mission to finally get rid of my excess fat. I was accustomed to wearing a size 50 in pants and four extra-large in shirts. It was difficult to find clothing in my size; my only options were Big & Tall and K-Mart. I was so enormous that if I wanted to travel on an airplane, I would have to purchase two seats. I always had excuses ranging from fruit/vegetable allergies [lies], to bogus medical conditions that would relieve me from any physical activities, or simply justifying that there is no time for physical activities, when in fact I was able to manage. Even though time management and/or physical conditions may prevent some physical activities; losing weight should not be difficult to accomplish because with conviction, I was able to finally shed 200 pounds without any surgical procedures and the need to hire professional help.

    Losing weight is not a difficult task to accomplish once the person has educated themselves to read the pros and cons that are linked to obesity, which includes diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, and/or high cholesterol. I had begun to brainstorm ideas on how I could incorporate a weight loss program that would be easier for me— without falling off the wagon. In order to be successful in losing weight, one must be able to have the willingness to do it, explores all available resources, and then applies new strategies, while eliminating unsuccessful ones. For example, I research ‘How To Lose Weight’ and located a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator, which refers to what is minimally required [daily] to sustain normal vital functions [e.g. breathing]; my results at the time were 3332 minimum calories required per day. Furthermore, I would use videos found on YouTube for suggestive exercise routines or workouts. In addition, I had found on the Internet that maintaining a carb intake less than 65 grams per day, with activities [e.g. Cardio] can result in successful weight loss. Unfortunately, it was difficult for me to do this because not all products have such nutritional facts, so you’re left second guessing. In grasping the severity of the issue, one comes to terms that losing weight is not that much more difficult, as those that are raising children. No instructional manual were provided upon the birth of a child, but somehow, parents manage to accomplish these responsibilities; the same applies to living a healthy lifestyle. If an individual wants longevity and a healthier lifestyle, they must employ their resource skills to locate what is most suitable for them. I am a living model, after weighing in at little over 400lbs; I was able to split ways with my other half [200lbs] with time, will power and motivation.

    There was no need to engage professional services (e.g. trainer or nutritionists) so that I can lose unwanted weight. My finances prevented me from acquiring such services without neglecting my real responsibilities, such as rent and bills. I begun delving further via the Internet to find any freely available good eating and exercise habits that would help me achieve my overall goal without the need of hiring professional help. Nowadays, there are plenty of videos that are accessible via YouTube that are educative and provide helpful elements to steer you in the right direction. For example, videos that shows ways on eating healthy or an exercise regimen [e.g. walking] that is less strenuous. Living healthy should not be a hard task, unless you overwhelm yourself with such difficulties.


    The most important reason losing weight is not that difficult to accomplish is because I was able to shed 200 pounds without any weight loss surgeries (e.g. Gastric Bypass/Lap Band) and on my own managed time—so can you. By working in health care, I come across patient’s that choose to take what I call, the easy route by having weight loss surgery. I chose to take a different approach by researching the different types of weight loss programs [surgical & nonsurgical]. I recall one of my co-workers Sandra [gastric bypass recipient] saying “Geo, I should have listened to you about the need to research on gastric bypass surgery and its consequences” I then responded ‘consequences?’ and she then explains about how restricted and uncomfortable her life has been since the surgery, such as vomiting, liquid food diet, gastric reflux problems, and non-carbonated drinks. Even after 2 years, Sandra looks great, but she regrets having such procedure and is not complacent overall with the consequences. People tend to forget that with any surgical procedures; doctor’s orders may include necessary life changing restrictions after a procedure. Furthermore, most insurance companies only cover weight loss procedures, once in a lifetime. And, most likely deny coverage for the removal of excess skin [deemed cosmetic procedure], which usually follows after a drastic weight loss. By continuously researching different methods of good exercise and eating habits, I was able to loose 200lbs. On occasion, I would reward myself with a juicy cheeseburger and fries or perhaps a nice cold beer while socializing with friends—unlike Sandra who could no longer enjoy such rewards. This journey may have taken me over a decade [still in process] but so far I have managed to maintain my weight, eat and drink what I want [within reasons], and still be considerably healthy, per my primary doctor.

    In conclusion, although time management and/or medical conditions may prevent some physical activities, losing weight is not a difficult task to accomplish for two main reasons. First, there is no demand to employ professional assistance (e.g. fitness trainer or dietitian), which means you can do this on your own time and for free. But most importantly, I was able to shed 200 pounds, drop 12-14 inches on the waist, and be healthy—just simply by being resourceful (e.g. YouTube) and having the will power to find other helpful methods other than going under the knife.

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