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    Who is Joe Cutlas?


    Inquiring minds are always asking...Who is Joe Cutlas?


    Joe is a Free Thinking Hispanic American who will not be misled by a Corrupt Media.


    He is one of those enigmas that appears and confounds the so called wisdom of the left.


    He believes in God and Country and has fought to preserve it.


    A person who is in a war of words with all those who would try to undermine his country and way of life.


    A person who will not back down when out numbered, and a person who will fight injustice wherever he finds it.


    He is a person who is hated by the Democrats and cautiously approached by the Republicans.


    Some would say Joe is an extremist!


    His reply would be, so were the Founding Fathers.


    Joe is not here to win a popularity contest.


    Joe Cutlas came to iReports to debunk the Godless insanity of this left wing stronghold and expose its lies.


    The November Mid Term elections are coming and the restoration of America will begin!


    God Bless the United States of America!

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