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    Posted April 3, 2014 by
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    Communicating through autism

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    How to stop Autism!

    I had some pretty severe learning disabilities while growing up and When I went to computer school I already knew the computers inside out.

    The teachers at the criminal organization under the guise of a accredited computer college, Computer Learning Center ( CLC) Taught me one thing.... How to learn.

    Everything I have ever learned, thought of, and that I can remember which is actually quite an amazing amount. I applied with common sense, Logical thought and the troubleshooting skills and experience I had from auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, copier and computer technical work I applied into understanding how the additives effected me, how I had an allergy an allergy for my entire life that was only shown to me once and since it was an odd instance it was dismissed.

    Once in my life I had an allergic reaction to food dye and it took my an additional 30 years from that point in my till I was 45 years of age for me to figure out what that really meant for me.

    The fact is that every single solitary man, woman and child in America are effected by all the additives in the same manner.

    You're eating the same stuff that is causing the autism. The kicker, or trigger that sets off the autism in children who were not born with it is the battery of vaccines the doctors give to our children.

    I've always found it odd and honestly... Criminal that children's vaccines contain formaldehyde. The link that artificial colors, flavors and preservatives have to causing autism is maybe three fold.

    During gestation any consumption, or use of products that contain any artificial colors, flavors and preservatives cause swelling of the brain stem in everyone.

    You may not get a migraine headache, you might have some tinnitus, or pressure in your sinuses, There are a great many ailments that will come to light once all the additives are banned from any human contact and nothing will be possible until they are all banned.

    This is because they are everywhere, in your clothes, your food, you soap, shampoo, I am pretty certain that the dyes and pigments used by some tattoo artists might be the coal tar dyes as well.

    You want to see a list of products containing dyes....


    This site is significant because he taught me that all the additives are the cause of IBS, Crohns and most all of the ailments having to do with our bowels.

    I can say that things changed and regularity became the norm rather than the latter. Which was quite welcome.

    Since I changed everything I stopped eating like I was a fat person who had no control. The no control comes from eating the additives. All these iReports are all about this and that.

    I have to go back and fix some cause I erased things in trying to protect it from an unscrupulous doctor who suggested that I scam people and make a profit from this.

    I will say that I am content in taking the money you would be spending on medications that someone who doesn't have your best interest at heart. Not so much the doctors because many have tried to help but it is because of the additives being approved by doctors who work for the corporations and, or the FDA and other regulators in that area.

    Stop buying things that contain anything artificial.

    Make them stop selling it buy not buying it until they change it so that it is safe for everyone.

    In spring of 2012 I spoke at some FDA hearings in Silver Spring, Maryland, I froze up and only said "I can't take Excedrin because it gives me a migraine headache."

    I was so mad at myself, so I went home and spent the next few hours writing as much as I could talking about the dyes and in fact I told them about everything I could over four, or five pages, of course the FDA decided to continue to allow the petroleum based coal tar dyes to be used.

    Remember essentially the same coal tar used to pave our roads!

    If I remember correctly all of the chemicals used to make the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are carcinogens.

    Remember that billions upon billions have been spent trying to find a cure for cancer but to be honest as long as they toxic chemical based artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are allowed.... No one will ever survive any cancer ever.

    The additives fed to us by Monsanto, Dow and other huge corporations and companies that deal in carcinogenic chemicals. Companies who's only interest is profit, not your health and well being.

    Companies who would rather you be dependent upon them for your food and water needs.

    The time has come for all of us to stand up and put a stop to this.

    If ANY doctor wants to stand up and say that these artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are 100% safe for all of us, that no harm will come to anyone who consumes, or uses any products containing any artificial color, flavor and, or preservatives.....

    I will show you a lunatic that should have his license who should have his license revoked and he should be jailed for being a fraud.

    Tell your doctor that you want dye free pharmaceuticals and products that have colorful labels, but no colors unless it's fruit based, tested and safe.

    Complain to your drug store, tell them you want dye and artificial flavor free.

    The point that I am driving home to you is that the same stuff that's responsible for causing the autism and other epidemics running rampant across all of America and much of the rest of the world should not be given to anyone at all.

    I wont take any pharmaceuticals of any kind. If any one wants to give me something that's safe, I will take it.

    So I hope things change soon cause I don't wanna die just because I don't wanna die from refusing anything that has any of those chemicals in them.

    Every time you go to any restaurant you are exposed to some artificial additives, depending on the restaurant, you could get getting it in everything they serve you.

    Chipotle is safe, it's additive free!

    Chick Fil A the chicken contains TBHQ and all the sauces contain EDTA which is made from formaldehyde, cyanide and lye.

    If you refuse to buy it, they will go broke, or they will change.

    We're not buyin it any more!

    To stop autism a life of zero additives must be achieved, or it will never stop.

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