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    Harry Vested's Gravity Collection

    Harry Vested Jr. is the CEO of Gravity Collection, Inc. Gravity Collection Inc. is a global digital media company established in 2005. It acquired Clarity Media, which was established in 2007, as a wholly owned subsidiary today. Gravity Collection Inc. is a leader in action and outdoor sports television and film programming, across the broadest and most advanced platforms available to the genre. It has already distributed packaged media to over 2.6 billion people and retailers worldwide; holds contracts to air films across a variety of channel distribution outlets and digital-multi platforms, provides television, and video on demand content. The Gravity Collection team comprises of broadcast media executives, award winning producers, distribution experts, and passionate participants in the action and outdoor sports lifestyles. Gravity Collection Inc. headed by Harry Vested is headquartered with offices in Denver, New York, and Beijing.
    With his experienced team and award winning producers, they have over 2,000 hours of content including a 3-D series showing top action sports. This company is expected to become the content provider and premiere destination for the loyal extreme, adrenaline action adventure sports fans and plans to launch a broad variety of media properties. Gravity Collection Inc. expects to increase its focus on creating and expanding a franchise of originally produced programming which is expected to serve as a launching pad for all of its future content needs in 3-D.
    Gravity Collection’s plan to expand its national and global reach with key acquisition programming, distribution, and branding. Since 2005, it has gathered an outstanding library and is one of the largest content providers of action sports, cross-secting all disciplines such as skiing, mountain biking, hang gliding, surfing, snowboarding, B.A.S.E. jumping, wind surfing, kite surfing, rock climbing, and much, much more. According to Harry Vested, “Action sports in China are experiencing a growth phase now. From the content and athletes to the events and brands, establishing a presence in Beijing will support the company’s growth initiative in this market and throughout Asia.”
    Its mission is to deliver the largest library of best-in-class action and outdoor sports films, original content and live events to a global audience. Since its establishment in 2005, it has the purpose of acquiring vast amounts of action sports content with the main intention of displaying the content to a wide market of followers on various platforms. Gravity Collection Inc. represents the interests of some of the most influential filmmakers and recognizable brands by maximizing value through comprehensive multi-platform rights.
    The best moment of Harry Vested’s life is marrying his wife, Beve Vested. Beve Dowlen Vested has provided Harry Vested with the strong support that has kept him thriving and succeeding throughout many years. Through the Gravity Collection, Inc., Harry and Beve Vested would like to share their passion for extreme sports with the world. Harry Vested predicts that the company’s new projects will receive a positive reception and excellent reviews. As a result Harry Vested has no complaints about life.
    Gravity Collection is one of the largest and most awarded collection of television and film content. The GCI branded channel and apps will showcase hundreds of hours of top action and outdoor sports programming as well as live events. This includes originally produced television content feature films, shorts, and clips from the worlds best producers and filmmakers in the action or sports genre. Harry Vested has another mission; to give exposure to the athletes that are underexposed.
    When not working, he enjoys backcountry skiing, road biking, traveling, seeing new places, new sports, new activities, and new disciplines. In addition, he would love to climb Mt. Everest. As a result, Harry Vested has no complaints about his life. He participates in charities with the environmental water companies, ocean reefs, and produces documentaries about nature. Harry Vested also helped the victims of Hurricane Sandy through various organizations. He is also involved with charities to help people in need of food and financial assistance. He is also involved with animal rescue.
    The biggest influence in Harry Vested’s life are Walt Disney, Ted Turner, the original ESPN founders, Bill Rasmussen and Scott Rasmussen, as well as Howard Cossell. All of these esteemed individuals share the common trait of being visionaries and pioneers who heavily impacted their chosen fields and inspired individuals of different generations.
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