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    Best Way To Get Rid Of Human Parasites.


    Best way to get rid of human parasites?


    Something that the average person never wants to think about. It's a living nightmare. Whether you are talking about protozoa, fungi, bacteria, and viruses, or the more exotic variety like intestinal worms that move around in your gut, they can be major health hazards. And we just want them gone.


    The fact that your body has been invaded by some creature, or creatures, bent on using your body as a host for the development of it's young... and even feasting on your internal organs is something most people will only see in horror flicks. (And a horrifying statistic, is that there are over 1,400 species to worry about.)


    But for others, it is painfully real. In fact, it may surprise you to know that of all nations on earth, it is... the United States that has the biggest problems with parasites of any other. Despite the fact that it's an industrialized, first-world country.


    So how did we get here? Well, we live in a global world, where individuals from countries with lower standards of sanitation, will often travel to the U.S., bringing parasites along with them. The parasites can come in with container ships from other countries. Some are spread by direct physical contact. Others are air borne. That
    includes mosquitoes carrying Malarial worms. So what are the key indications that parasites have invaded your body? Well, vomiting small worms, passing worms in your stool, feeling movement in your abdomen or stomach, feeling pain in your stomach and intestinal tract, tapeworms will often eat a lot of your food causing you to lose wait rapidly, other parasites can cause you to lose weight while causing your abdomen to pertrude (otherwise known as a 'pot belly') often seen in the children of poor countries. Psoriasis is also an indication, although most will assume it may be due to an allergic attack. Look for nodules developing on your knuckles as well.


    It is rumored that eating pumpkin seeds daily is a great way to deal with a breakout of parasites in one's body. (Probably the cheapest method). Also, find a Chinese herbalist in your area. They tend to be very knowledgeable about these matters. But at the end of the day, a full physical by your physician on a regular basis, may be the best early warning detection system you have to prevent the onset of parasites. Also, one of the best ways to get rid of parasites that you may already have.


    Also, a diet rich in fiber is also a great solution to parasites that infest the gut. Fiber in foods don't get readily absorbed into the body, and most of it passes through the intestines straight out. Along the way, it basically sweeps the lining of the gut, carrying these parasites with it as it goes. (Which is why they can be seen in the stool after using the bathroom.


    And I have to admit, I never really appreciated the doctor's advice to eat more fiber in television commercials. But believe you me... I do now. Because I can clearly see the benefits to my health. A bowl of cereal rich in fiber can be one of your best friends.


    Foods rich in anti-oxidants is also a great remedy, depending on which type of parasite being referred to. (And as a side note, you may want to stay away from Asian swamp eels. There's a new 2014 report by Food Safety News warning that these eels, when consumed either raw or uncooked, can infect you with parasites. Symptoms can range from blindness to paralysis or even death.)


    And here's a little something to think about as far as preventing a parasitic infection from starting. Many people are now moving towards eating organic foods (grown with no pesticides, chemicals or herbicides added). Sounds great, but without those things to kill potential parasites, you open yourself up to a parasitic infection. So you may be eating healthy food, that also contains a parasite.


    That's something you may have to consider as far as your eating habits and what you're consuming.
    Best way to get rid of human parasites happens when you apply the right treatment to the right parasite outbreak. However, there are cases where if someone is infected by several different parasite, but that isn't known at the beginning, it may work against you. As medication that kills one parasite, may benefit the other. At the very least killing off it's rival. At the very worst, nourishing it. This is basically known as Co-infection.


    You can find out more about this topic at http://bit.ly/1eAlHLU
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