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    The difficulties of religions in our time, also nationalities and race

    The difficulties of religions in our time, also nationalities and race

    In the past the distances between people or countries was big, that means the travel was not easy as it is today. Even few years ago to travel or to fly were not easy and they were very expensive. Only rich or very rich people could fly or travel between countries. To be student in other country means that you should stay there until your whole study is finished. But now the people travel by air sometime for a week and or they travel for fun and holidays.

    The contacts between people from different nationalities, races and religions are much more than in the past. Now we have the problems of different thinking and different cultures, also for different believes and different religious believes. We did not learn to be tolerant and accept other way of thinking as the people are different and grow in different societies and with different cultures and different way of living.

    Even if you know different languages, it sometimes does not help you to understand the people with different background and cultures. People accept the facts, but beliefs are not accepted among different people. For example, everybody accepts that the water is the same, you can drink it and it has these form, ice steam and liquid. And everybody in the whole world agrees with the fact that water is water even it is written with other letters.

    In the past a king or a leader who had enough good soldiers attacked other countries and destroyed their cultures and he did with those people whatever he wanted. People were simple and followed him and his instructions. Even now the dictators can gather people around themselves, because they have money to pay, or power to steal and force the people to obey them.

    They gather some people around themselves and brain wash them to obey them. They teach these people to hate other people, because they have other religions or different nationalities or race or even because they act. These types of so-called leaders have fear that the people understand and think freely. Why should I hate other people? Or why should I kill other people? A good example of this type of leaders is Mullah Omar with one eye of Afghanistan. He kills even little children, because he wants to be a general or president and have power and money. How can you satisfy yourself by killing little children?

    People have to obey him; even they do not want it. People like Mullah Omar do not respect the vote and the humanity and the free choice of people. He wants that the people obey his, because he has one eye and he is a Mullah. They think they are super human and they are different or better or their God loves them more than other people. They think they have the right even if they are so stupid. Sorrowfully, the great powers of the world want these types of leader, because they are uneducated, stupid and arrogant. They underestimate people and thinking these people cannot go after their rights. They want their own monopole over the market and if the people are good educated and can produce and work properly; they will lose their monopoly over the market. But if people are simple and do not go for science and education and cannot produce, they will always depend on them and they can sell to them their materials.

    The people like Ben Laden are stupid and will destroy their own people. If he really loved the Moslems, he would have tried to open the universities, build hospital and train the Moslem be scientific and good producers instead of destroying the name of Islam and the economy. He was actually marketing weapons. After his action, the United State alone bought 3 trillion dollars weapon, so other countries bought billions of dollars weapons. But what was the benefit for Moslems? They were hated by other people and lost their jobs and activities. They could not study so easy as before and people blocked their income and their lives got miserable. Millions of Moslems are killed in the world, because of his actions. Sorrowfully the leaders of the world, most of them are corrupted and bad. They are after money, power and sex only. And they do not care about the people and their futures.

    Sorrowfully the people in the world are trained to be selfish, egoist and simple minded. They can think only about themselves or about their children. The leaders are the same; they think just about themselves and the people around them, who support them, to stay in power. They train people to be indifferent or cruel. They use also religions, nationalities, or races for hate and disunity between their people.

    When you are rich and powerful you have a lot of friends, everybody invite you or they come to your home to visit you. But when you lose your money, they run away and or even try to destroy you more. First they say good stories and good things about you, but later they tell bad stories concerning you and they try to destroy you more and more. Just like a soldier in the army, when he is weak and may die, the other people take his coats or his other belongings, because the other soldiers need them.
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