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    Posted April 4, 2014 by
    Giza, Egypt

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    Ahrar : Arabic word means The free

    view in Ahrar Movement , when we talk about "Change", is extensive & deep as no way to treat the situation in Egypt without paying attention to the external effects on it , and that it is a part of the Global System which always puts an end to ambitions of some countries & limits their advancement & liberation . The Internal Systems in our nation are real part of this "New World Order" as they called so. It overpowers our countries’ will politically, economically & militarily. And it even swells to be a cultural, intellectual & social dominance. Those three important previous points , which are supposed to be our characteristic & which strengthens individuals opposing any enemy or tendentious, are played with & distorted for the sake of "Interests of the Major Powers" of this New World Order . This ‘Order’ indeed is the main obstacle to achieve any real change could serve our country, as It puts a limited frame cannot be overtaken for each overpowered country. These limits have become admitted constants & had mainly formulated by International Agreements passing in through "infiltrators". Obviously, it is an obligated lordship more than being "agreements". And may it also be far away of written agreements but obligated by power of this oppressive system which has all violent tools to accomplish its unjust authority.
    This Hegemony begins with Economic Sanctions & Economic Blockade, passing by the wild media war such as naming countries seeking for liberation with misleading expressions (Axis of Evil Countries, States Sponsors of Terrorism, Countries threatening the International Peace …. Etc.) Ending with the direct military intervention if it is needed! And incidents are ‘a true witness’!
    Frankly, Rising with ‘Change’ & achieving advancement is combined with our liberation degree. This is what ‘Mahathir Mohamed’ had done, for example, when he decides to rise economically with Malaysia. For he begins to release the economic side out of dominance of The International Monetary Fund (IMF) policies. Thus, Malaysia puts new Monetary Conditions & achieves liberation in the economic side, but it hadn’t achieved liberation in all other sides yet.
    So we must be conscious to the bitter truth that the desired change is not the change that we were betrayed of after the 25th Jan Revolution, but it is “that change” which is forbidden to practice. That “forbidden change” would enable us to make an independent decision of self-sufficiency of wheat & other strategic commodity. It allows us owning our nuclear weapon & gives us the right to develop the army weapon as needed , not those weapons thrown by U.S. Aid to constrict our power. Actually it is a “Tribute” not an “Aid” in order to complete the frame of Hegemony. This is just a type of the forbidden Change overpowered by The New World Order!
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